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Policy on Inclusion on Digital Course Materials

Memorandum #220 Policy on Inclusion on Digital Course Materials

Date of Issue: October 12, 2018

The Community College of Philadelphia will include in tuition and fees billed to a student during the registration process, the cost of Digital Course Materials for certain applicable courses, when: (1) Digital Course Materials are only available through the College; and/or (2) Digital Course Materials are offered at below market rates.

The cost of the digital course materials will be added to a student’s account at the time of registration and will need to be paid or covered by financial aid (based on a student’s financial aid eligibility) by the tuition payment deadline.

Digital Course Materials will be available by the first day of the class.

OPT-OUT Procedure.

Students who do not want to participate in Digital Course Materials may OPT OUT through the College’s online learning system, CANVAS, when they first sign into CANVAS at the start of the course.

OPT-OUT is not available for materials that are only available through the College. Opting out is NOT recommended. Research shows that students with their learning materials on the first day of class have higher rates of success, so the College encourages students to take advantage of this low-cost option for access to Digital Course Materials. OPT-OUT Deadlines are available at the time of registration for each course.