Wireless Access

Instructions for On-Campus Wireless Network Access

Wireless Availability

The College wireless network is available to all staff, faculty, students and authorized visitors with laptops or mobile devices capable of wireless connectivity. When connected to the College wireless network, you can access internet and email. Shared network resources are not accessible.

System Requirements

Any device with Wi-Fi capability, including any mobile device.

How to Connect to the Network

The Wi-Fi within the College is a non-broadcasting network, which means your device won’t automatically detect it (this limits non-college access). You will need to manually add the College network in order to connect to it.

  • Open your device’s Network and/or Wi-Fi connection settings location
  • Manually “Add” a network using the SSID of CCP WLAN with Open Security
  • If asked, check Obtain an IP address automatically.

If you need help connecting to the College Wi-Fi, call the ITS Support Desk.

WiFi Hot Spots:

Main Campus – Spring Garden location

The Bonnell Building

  • The Bonnell Ground Floor has Complete Coverage including the Courtyard area.
  • The Bonnell 1st floor has Complete Coverage.
  • The Bonnell Rotunda Floor has Complete Coverage.
  • The Bonnell 2nd floor has Complete Coverage.
  • Coverage is 802.11n for the entire building.

The Pavilion Building

Entire building has coverage – 802.11n

The Mint Building

  • Main Campus Library
  • 3rd Floor, hallway & Honors classrooms.

The West Building

Entire building has coverage (Floors 1,2,3 & 4) – 802.11n

The Winnet Building

Entire building has coverage by 802.11n with concentration areas of:

  • The Coffee House
  • 1st Floor Lobby
  • S1-09
  • S2-3
  • The Great Hall
  • 2nd Floor Student Lounge
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Athletic Center Courtyard 

Center for Business & Industry (CBI)

  • Entire building has coverage – 802.11n

Northeast Regional Center

  • Entire campus has coverage – 802.11n

Northwest Regional Center

  • Partial coverage 1stFloor, 802.11n
  • Basement vending/lounge area and the 1st Floor Library and SACC
  • Partial coverage 2ndFloor & NWRC244 and NWRC 216 classrooms.

West Philadelphia Regional Center

  • Partial coverage: Registration waiting area, Learning Commons and Student Lounge – All 802.11n