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Weather Emergencies

Weather Emergencies Communications Procedures

In the event that snow or other weather emergencies make it necessary for the College to close, the following steps will be taken to communicate with staff and students about the College closing:

  1. Media announcements will be made on the following television stations: ABC (Channel 6), CBS (Channel 3), NBC (Channel 10) and Fox (Channel 29). School closing information is also available on each network’s website.
  2. The College closing numbers will be available on KYW Newsradio and at The KYW Newsradio closing number is 238 for day classes and 2238 for evening classes. You can also contact KYW 1060 for school closing information at 215.925.1060.
  3.  Emergency notifications will be sent via email and text using emergency messaging system.
  4. A notice of the College closing will be placed on each of the individual phone extensions in the College. All staff can access voice messages from home by dialing 215-751-8999. (You will be asked to enter your extension to access your messages.)
  5.  An announcement will be placed on both of the College’s main switchboard numbers (215-751-8000 and 215-751-8010).
  6. The notice of College closing will be placed on the College’s website,, and on the College’s portal login page,
  7. A notice of the College closing will be placed on CCPTV, Comcast Channel 53 and Verizon FIOS Channel 21

It is important to note that when it becomes necessary for the College to close during its
hours of operation, the exact timing of the closing will be established to minimize
interruption to classes and student services. Faculty and staff are expected to hold classes
and perform other assigned duties until the announced closing time. As outlined in the
College’s Emergency Operations Plan, staff whose duties are defined as essential may be
asked to remain on duty beyond the announced closing time until all critical tasks have
been completed.