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Academic and Student Success

Pavilion Building at Community College of Philadelphia.

Message from the Vice President for Academic and Student Success

Welcome to the fall semester! There is no doubt this will be a most unusual academic year. While we move ahead in a primarily remote learning environment, we continue to seek the best in us and our students. I am certain that with our positive spirit and collaborative approach we will experience a rewarding semester.

In order to have important information available in one area, we have developed an easy access website. Information you will find at the division’s website addresses topics such as grades, exams and technology training; links to documents such as the Student Handbook, Enrollment Guide and Virtual Student Resource Center that provides information about virtual services and virtual office hours; as well as information regarding Starfish Connect, our academic early alert system. Please note that the website also contains information pertaining to the College’s continued work on Guided Pathways and a link to the College’s Covid safety site. Please review this site throughout the semester, as we will update regularly with additional information.

The contributions of all faculty, staff, and administrators are integral to the work we do at the College. I look forward to a productive semester ahead as we work collaboratively toward our commitment and focus on academic excellence and student success.

Thank you and be well!

Dr. Samuel Hirsch
Vice President for Academic and Student Success

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February 5, 2020

Commencement Ceremony 

Deatails coming soon

October 29, 2019
CriteriaExcellent - 4 PointsVery Good - 3 PointsGood - 2 PointsAverage - 1 Point
1) 1-2 letters of endorsement from a colleague submitted confidentially (no more than 2 pages each)Letters provide specific detail and/or examples that clearly support the nominee’s teaching is exceptional and above and beyond what is normally expected.Letters provide specific detail and/or examples that clearly support the nominee’s teaching is very good.Letters provide specific detail and/or examples that clearly support the fact that the nominee’s teaching ability is adequate.Letters provide some detail and/or examples that somewhat support the nominee’s teaching but teaching seems to be what is typical of most competent faculty.
2) Teaching philosophy
December 5, 2017

Strong men. Strong Lives. Strong communities. Join the Center for Male Engagement for their final event of the semester for a discussion and celebration of the S3 Scholarship recipients. Gues are highly encouraged to dress for success in professional business attire.

December 5, 2017

Join the Center for Male Engagement to learn how to start and maintain a successful business, build your businesses brand, and how to use your college experience to positively impact your entrepreneurial ideas.

September 5, 2017

(Revised 2019)

This document describes the criteria recognizing faculty for promotion, clarifies the criteria, and defines some of the special activities and outcomes which help to distinguish individuals for merit promotion.

I. Submission of a Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of selected materials and documents that describes a faculty member's leadership, teaching, service, professional activities and impact.  Preparing a portfolio requires thoughtful self-evaluation and reflection.  The faculty member is responsible for submitting a portfolio that demonstrates through narrative and documented examples quality performance at the Community College of Philadelphia. 

September 5, 2017

Revised October, 2013

This document is an agreement between the College and the Faculty and Staff Federation regarding faculty evaluation for the purposes of self-improvement, retention, and promotion. It supersedes the 1972 document entitled "Information Concerning Promotion and Retention."

General Procedures for Implementing the Evaluation Process for Self-Improvement and Retention

Faculty evaluations are to follow the provisions of the Full-time Faculty contract, specifically in section V.B., and the Adjunct/Visiting Lecturer contract, specifically in Article X.


Each Fall, the Vice President for Academic Affairs will publish a "Timeline for Evaluation of Untenured Tenure-Track Faculty, Visiting Lecturers and Adjunct Faculty." This timeline will include dates for notices and actions consistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreements.

July 26, 2017
Linback Award RecipientPositionAward Year
Josephine Wolfe (d.)  Professor English  1974/75 
Irene Roach Delpino  Associate Professor English  1974/75 
Lester Bazinet (d.)  Associate Professor Biology  1975/76 
Artina K. Cain  Assistant Professor Economics & Accounting  1975/76 
George C. Sinnott (d.)  Assistant Professor Law Enforcement  1976/77 
Florence Fishman (d.)  Associate Professor Counseling  1976/77 
Marjorie P. Dugan    Associate Professor Biology  1977/78 
Allan B. Saposnick   Associate Professor Respiratory Therapy  1977/78 
Margaret W.