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Co-Curricular Projects

The Student Life Center works with faculty on many different projects throughout the year for the benefit of our students. Everything that the Student Life Center offers is in support of a student's main purpose: his or her academic success. Research shows that the more a student finds a connection with an institution the more likely that student will not only persist but will more likely succeed academically. Often these "connections" take the form of extra- or co-curricular activities that take place outside of the classroom. Whether socially or academically focused, student involvement and engagement is our goal.

Working with faculty to provide meaningful out-of-class experiences is the goal of our Co-Curricular Projects. Faculty may propose an out-of-class project that augments in-class learning. Student Life is here to support these projects through financial resources, project planning expertise, and facilitating the overall student experience. Please click on the links below for more information.

Things to remember for co-curricular programs:

  1. Submit names to Student Life no later than two weeks prior to event/program/trip.
  2. Return Release and Indemnification Forms to Student Life Center two weeks prior to trip. All students and faculty taking an off campus trip must complete this form.
  3. Remind your students to pay the co-curricular fee. The fee will be either placed onto their student account, which is viewable on MyCCP or the coded SLC Receipts must be used to pay directly at the Cashier’s Window.
  4. Closer to the date of the event/trip/program –remind the students of the date, time and location to meet.
  5. Faculty should always give a 15 to 20 minute cushion to have students meet and depart.
  6. Inform your students well in advance if there is a dress requirement, a need for extra cash or other items.
  7. Make a list of cell phone numbers, in case of any no-shows, on the day of event/program/trip.
  8. Inform your students that all buses must leave on time and will wait no more than 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time. Anyone who misses the bus leaving the College is not entitled to a refund. Anyone not on the bus returning to the College will need to arrange his or her own transportation home at his or her own expense.
  9. Remind your students, while off campus, all students remain under expected behavior guidelines as stated in the Student Code of Conduct. (See the Student Handbook)
  10. Co-curricular programming/events/trips are open to the faculty and students only. Children and “significant others” are not allowed. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis based on the activity. To request an exception, the faculty must meet with the Director to review request.

Co-curricular Request Form

Off-Campus Travel Practices

Required Trip Forms

  • Release and Indemnification Form
  • Emergency Contact Form (Used when the trip is overnight.)
  • Letter to professors to request to be excused from class (optional)
  • Congratulations/Acceptance Letter to attend retreat/conference/etc.
  • Registration Form for retreat/conference/out-of-town trip

*Forms will be given to faculty/staff/administrative chaperone prior to trip.
*All forms must be completed in their entirety before students/faculty leave campus.
*All forms are shredded upon return from the trip.

Three copies of each trip form should be made:

  • Set one of the forms is given to the chaperone.
  • Set two of the forms is given to Student Life Center staff member in charge.
  • Set three of the forms is given to the College’s Security Manager

In the event of an emergency:

  1. Contact College Security, 215-751-8111.
  2. Contact “Emergency Contacts” listed on the Emergency Contact Form.
  3. Follow necessary instructions from officials to have the best possible outcome to ensure safety and the health of all involved.
  4. Upon return to Community College of Philadelphia, document and follow-up with the Office of Student Life Staff.