All Spring 2021 classes will be held online, and all admissions and student support services are available remotely. Visit the Virtual Student Resource Center to access the assistance you need.



Fall Rental Check-in 2020

Our rental check-in due date is Dec. 16. Rental drop off will be available at the entrance to the Pavilion Building starting Monday, Dec. 14 through Tuesday, Dec. 23 (excluding weekends). Rental check-ins can be done in person during this time or can be shipped back to the store at the customer’s expense. You will not be allowed to enter the building, and all mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines will be in effect as you interact with Bookstore staff. Due to COVID-19, buyback is still only available through our website. No other Bookstore business will be conducted in person at this time.  

Winter Term 2020

The Bookstore will be available for Winter semester purchases by using our website, All orders will be shipped. In-store pickup will not be available. Please be aware, the Bookstore is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  

Spring Semester 2021

Bookstore Credit (Financial Aid)  Phase 1 opens Jan. 4 and closes Feb. 8. Bookstore Credit (Financial Aid) Phase 2 opens Feb. 11 and closes Feb. 19. The Bookstore will be open Jan. 4 through Feb. 19 with in-store pickup available through the website Jan. 15 through Jan. 29.  

Our hours of operations during this time are as follows: 

Monday to Friday:  9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Saturday/Sunday/College Holidays: CLOSED 

All other bookstore locations will remain closed.  

The preferred and highly recommended method of ordering your course materials and related supplies is by placing orders through the bookstore website,, and having them shipped to you. There will be a limited number of students allowed in the Bookstore at one time. If you can have your materials shipped to you, please do so and allow in-store purchasing for those who cannot. The Bookstore is not responsible for lost/stolen packages. 

In-store pickup will be available starting Jan. 15 through Jan. 29. Please do not arrive to pick-up your order until you receive email confirmation to do so. Please have the last 4 digits of your web order number and a photo ID handy so that we may expedite your experience. Orders not picked up by Feb. 19 will be deemed abandoned, and you will not receive a refund.  

Please keep in mind when visiting the bookstore to follow the COVID guidelines, which include:  

  • You will be required to submit to the College’s COVID-19 screening prior to entering the Pavilion Building. 
  • Masks must be worn at all times. Masks must be worn properly, covering the nose and mouth completely. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to leave the Bookstore.  
  • Social distancing guidelines are in effect at all times. Aisles are marked with directional areas and register areas/waiting lines are clearly marked, for your convenience.  

For all inquiries regarding the Bookstore, please call 215-751-8152 or email

About Community College of Philadelphia's Main Campus Bookstore 

Community College of Philadelphia's bookstore is solely devoted to serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, fans and the local Philadelphia community – offering products and services both in-store and online at Community College of Philadelphia's Main Campus Bookstore is located on 17th Street, between Spring Garden and Callowhill, in the Pavilion Building.

About Follett Corporation |

Follett Corporation is the world's largest single source of educational materials, digital content, eCommerce, and multi-media for libraries, schools and institutions. Headquartered in Westchester, Illinois, Follett provides education technology, services and physical and digital content to millions of students at 70,000 schools, and more than 2,700 physical locations, and campus eCommerce platforms in North America. Through Baker & Taylor, Follett's reach also extends to the public library markets.

From computers and computer supplies, National College Bestsellers, backpacks, spirit apparel and giftware, the College bookstores offer much more than textbooks, course materials and school supplies.


  • Main Campus (Pavilion Building), Northwest and Northeast Regional Centers have full-service bookstores.
  • The West Regional Center has a temporary bookstore that is open during the first two weeks of classes
  • Online Learning textbooks and course materials are only sold at the Main Campus bookstore

Textbooks and course materials are sold at the bookstore location where the related class is taught. 

Shop Online

You can shop online anytime. Online orders are available for pickup 72 business hours after the order is placed. Students can order textbooks online at the beginning of each semester. Online textbook orders are available for pick up at the bookstore location where the class is taught; online textbook orders for classes taught at the West Regional Center or through online learning are available for pick up only at the Main Campus bookstore.


Shop online

Renting Textbooks

The bookstore rents publisher-approved rental textbooks at less than 50% of the retail price. The list of available rental textbooks is subject to change.

Please be aware of the following rental conditions:

  • You can rent textbooks in-store or online using cash, credit card or Financial Aid Bookstore Credit as appropriate. In addition to making your rental payment, you must provide a valid credit card number which will remain securely on file for future rental transactions.
  • You can neatly highlight and mark in a rental textbook as long as it remains in sellable condition.
  • If you decide to purchase your rental textbook, you must do so during the first two weeks of classes to avoid additional fees.
  • You must return all rental textbooks, either in person or by mail (insured shipping is recommended) to the bookstore location from which you rented by the last day of exams in order to avoid replacement fees.
  • If you decide to purchase the rental textbook after the first two weeks of classes or if you do not return the rental textbook by the last day of exams, your credit card will be charged for 75% of the new book price plus a 7.5% processing fee.

Financial Aid Bookstore Credit

Financial Aid Bookstore Credit is available for qualified students. Bookstore Credit must be active before being used as payment for purchases in the bookstore or online. To learn how to check your Financial Aid Bookstore Credit status, visit the Financial Aid website.

Students making purchases with Bookstore Credit in the bookstore must present their Lion Card for identification purposes. Students picking up online orders paid with Bookstore Credit must also present their Lion Card for identification.

Fall 2020
Phase 1  Date Day Digital Materials
Initial File Feed to Follett 8/23/20 Sunday
First Day to use Credit 8/24/20 Monday Opt-Out Date: 9/28/20
Last Day to use Credit 9/28/20 Monday
Final File Feed from Follett 9/29/20 Tuesday
Phase 2  Date Day Digital Materials
Initial File Feed to Follett 9/30/20 Wednesday
First Day to use Credit 10/1/20 Thursday Opt-Out Date: 10/20/20
Last Day to use Credit 10/9/20 Friday
Final File Feed from Follett 10/12/20 Monday

Online Learning Course Materials

Textbooks and supplies for online learning classes are sold only at the Main Campus bookstore. Students purchasing online learning course materials online with Financial Aid Bookstore Credit or a personal credit/debit card can opt for a shipping fee and have their order delivered to their residence.