Digital Course Materials

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In an effort to make college as affordable as possible for our students, Community College of Philadelphia and Follett Higher Education Group have partnered to offer what we call Follett Access—offering students less expensive digital materials instead of physical textbooks. Students pay a discounted e-book rate, and the materials are available on the first day of class. This reduces overall costs for students, who receive the lowest price available for the course materials.

Follett Access

What is Access?

The Access program is a Community College of Philadelphia Bookstore initiative, in partnership with College faculty, that delivers all required course materials digitally at the lowest possible price. 

How does it work?

If your course is participating in Access, you are automatically opted in, and you do not have to purchase your course materials for this course at the CCP Bookstore. Course materials are delivered in several different ways. You will find out more information from your professor on the first day of class regarding how to obtain your course materials.

By participating in Access, you will receive a digital copy of your course materials on or before the first day of class at the lowest price available. You are charged through your student account. Course fees can be found on MyCCP at the time of registration. For more information on billing, please see our Policy On Inclusion On Digital Course Materials.

Courses Using Digital Course Materials

Summer 2023 Intermediate Accounting II ACCT $97.50
Summer 2023 Intro to Beh Hlth & Human Serv BHHS $77.90
Summer 2023 Systems Analysis and Design CIS $43.30
Summer 2023 - 7A General Biology II BIOL $77.90
Summer 2023 - 7A General Physics I PHYS $87.50
Summer 2023 - 7N General Physics II PHYS $87.50
Fall 2023 Financial Accounting ACCT $138.50
Fall 2023 Managerial Accounting ACCT $138.50
Fall 2023 Business Accounting ACCT $85.00
Fall 2023 Intermediate Accounting I ACCT $97.50
Fall 2023 Cost Acct ACCT $119.00
Fall 2023 Tax Accounting ACCT $119.00
Fall 2023 Design Studio I ADC $114.63
Fall 2023 Intro Health Care Professions AH $87.50
Fall 2023 Medical Terminology AH $86.00
Fall 2023 Med Admin Procedures AH $90.85
Fall 2023 Exam Room Procedures I AH $90.85
Fall 2023 Therapeutic Communication AH $103.40
Fall 2023 Reimburs. Meth. Hlth Care AH $77.90
Fall 2023 Human Disease and Treatment AH $79.80
Fall 2023 Basic ICD and CPT Coding AH $76.00
Fall 2023 Medical Law and Ethics AH $77.90
Fall 2023 Info Mngt Sys in Health Care AH $77.90
Fall 2023 Introduction to Life Sciences BIOL $77.90
Fall 2023 Forensic Biology BIOL $44.00
Fall 2023 General Biology I BIOL $77.90
Fall 2023 Genetics BIOL $77.90
Fall 2023 Field Ecology BIOL $74.45
Fall 2023 Principles of Microbiology BIOL $82.20
Fall 2023 Customer Service Leadership BUSL $108.15
Fall 2023 Organizational Leadership BUSL $91.25
Fall 2023 Intro to Info Technology CIS $108.75
Fall 2023 Database Management Systems CIS $97.15
Fall 2023 Clinical Dental Hygiene I DH $5072.89
Fall 2023 Statistics I ECON $97.50
Fall 2023 Intro to Business Analytics ECON $106.46
Fall 2023 Prin Econ Macro ECON $82.50
Fall 2023 Prin Econ Micro ECON $82.50
Fall 2023 Foundation Ed Mid/Secndry Yrs ED $70.00
Fall 2023 Cognition and Learning ED $70.00
Fall 2023 Intro to Special Education FNMT $78.75
Fall 2023 Arithmetic FNMT $50.00
Fall 2023 Elementary Algebra FNMT $50.00
Fall 2023 Introductory Mathematics FNMT $87.50
Fall 2023 Quantitative Reasoning FNMT $97.00
Fall 2023 Intermediate Algebra FNMT $74.99
Fall 2023 Management Information Systems MNGT $109.99
Fall 2023 Nutrition for a Healthy Life NUTR $82.20
Fall 2023 Introduction to Nutrition NUTR $82.20

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the best way to find my course materials?

A:The best way to find your course materials is by visiting the bookstore’s website (bookstore) and entering your J number under the “Get Your Textbooks” section on the main page

Q:How do I inquire about the status of my online order?

A:It’s easy to check the status of your order using our website (bookstore). Under the “Sign in” header, click “Track an Order”. Once there, you will be prompted to enter your web order number and the email address associated with your order. This is the only information our team members will have regarding your order.

Q:I searched for my course materials, but I cannot order them. It says Above item is part of a program where course materials are included in a course charge or tuition. Contact your campus store for more information.” What does this mean?

A:This means that the cost of your course materials was included in your tuition. You will receive more information from your professor regarding how to access them on the first day of class.

Q:I ordered a digital code. When will I receive it?

A:There are two types of digital codes. Some are emailed to you, while others have to be shipped because they are a physical “code on cardboard” please review your order for more details on the status of your order.

Q: How do I check my bookstore credit balance?

A: Please visit the Financial Aid Website ( Financial Aid website ) to learn more on how to check your balance.

Q: When can I use my Bookstore Credit?

A: For Spring 2022, Bookstore Credit Phase 1 (15A and 7A) opens 1/4 and closes 2/7. Bookstore Credit Phase 2 (10A and 7B) opens 2/10 and closes on 2/18.

Q: How do I opt out?

A: You will receive an email and must follow the steps in the email if you choose to opt out. If you choose to opt out, you will be responsible for sourcing the course materials on your own. Students have the option to opt out up until the census date for that semester.

Q: How and when will I be charged for digital course materials?

A: The cost of the digital course materials will be added to your student account at the time you register.

Q: My payment is due before I have the option to opt-out. Do I need to pay for digital course materials by the payment due date?

A: Yes. The digital course materials will need to be paid or covered by financial aid (based on your financial aid eligibility) by the tuition payment deadline.

Q: What happens if I don’t pay the digital course materials charge(s) by the tuition payment deadline?

A: If you do not pay your tuition and digital course materials charges by the tuition payment deadline, you may be dropped for nonpayment.

Q: When can I opt-out of the digital course materials when I register for a course that has a digital course materials fee?

A: Students may opt-out as early as the first day the course is available in Canvas. Students can also opt back in but must do so within the first two weeks of classes.

Q: If I opt-out or drop the course(s), will the digital course materials charges be removed from my student account?

A: Yes, but only if you opt-out or drop the course(s) before the 20% mark of the term (three weeks into the 15-week term or the equivalent 20% for 7- and 10-week terms). Digital course materials charges will be removed in full if you drop or withdrawal from the associated course(s).

Q: I’ve signed up for the installment payment plan, what will happen to my future payment plan installments if I opt-out?

A: At that time your account is adjusted for the opt-out, your future installments will be reduced by the reduction in charges divided over the remaining unbilled installments.

Q: I opted back in, how does this impact my student account?

A: If your account was adjusted for the opt-out before you opted back in, then any new charges incurred for opting back in are due at the time you make the change. If you are enrolled in the tuition payment plan, the new charges will be split over the remaining unbilled installments.

If you still have questions regarding Digital Materials after going through the Bookstore website and Frequently asked questions provided here, please contact the Bookstore or e-mail