Workers' Compensation

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides wage loss and medical benefits to employees who cannot work, or who need medical care, because of a work-related injury.

Benefits are required to be paid by the employer when self-insured, or through insurance provided by the employer.  The College has secured PMA Companies as the insurance company to handle and process workers’ compensation claims.

Should you have a work-related injury or illness, please report that to your supervisor and then immediately contact the College Security Office at extension 5555 or extension 8111. College Security guards are trained in CPR and First Aid. They will call 911 if needed and/or contact the College’s workers’ compensation medical facility.

Your benefits could be delayed or denied if you do not notify your employer immediately.

The Human Resources Benefits Office will connect with the injured employee to file a workers’ compensation injury report with the insurance company. The Benefits office will arrange an initial medical examination with one of the designated medical facilities. During the first 90 days, employees must obtain treatment for work- related injuries from one of the designated health care providers listed on the network panel of physicians posted on the HR website.

For general information regarding workers’ compensation, you may contact the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, 1171 South Cameron Street, Room 103, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104-2501, (800) 482-2383. The telephone number outside of the Commonwealth is (717)772-4447; TTY (800)362-4228, or online at

For more information on the College’s workers’ compensation program, please contact the Benefits Department at .

Workers Compensation Forms