Select Institutional Reports

Included in the following list are select reports and presentations created by Institutional Research staff that are based on College data and analyses. Selected internal reports are updated frequently, previous reports have been archived; if you're unable to find the information that you're seeking, please contact the Office of institutional Research

2019 Noel-Levitz Year Over Year Report

2019 Noel-Levitz SSI Summary Report

In May 2019, the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) was administered to a sample of CCP students to assess students' perceptions of various college services. The Noel-Levitz survey is administered at CCP every three years asking students their perceptions about the importance of specific services as well as their satisfaction, providing a performance gap that supports analysis to determine where improvements are most needed.

Student Satisfaction with their overall experience at the college has increased since 2016 in several areas. The following reports summarize highlights and year over year outcomes on all 58 measures.