Office of Assessment and Evaluation

Housed within the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, the Office of Assessment and Evaluation (OAE) is the College’s hub for assessment activities at the institutional level. The Office’s purview includes the scheduling, coordination, facilitation and production of Academic Program Reviews (APRs) [link to new “Academic Program Review” section under new “Program Assessment” page referenced below]; the development, implementation and assessment of general education standards for the College; the ongoing development and administration of the Administrative, Educational and Support unit (AES) assessment cycle; and collaboration with the DCAF, academic Deans, Department Heads, and Office of Curriculum Development on outcomes assessment, including general education.

The OAE prioritizes transparency, consistency, and clear communication in all of its activities, endeavoring to not only complete specific assessment and documentation projects, but to also develop colleagues’ assessment fluency and confidence and to promote colleagues’ best practices collegewide. This multilayered approach helps to encourage a sustainable culture of assessment as more specific initiatives are developed. While faculty and staff ownership of assessment processes is essential to authentic and actionable assessment, the centralized facilitation and administration of those processes ensures a greater degree of consistency and knowledge transfer between many College constituents.

All forms of academic assessment of learning outcomes occur in a continuous improvement cycle of design/selection, implementation, data collection, data analysis, reflection, identification of areas in need of improvement, action planning, change implementation, reassessment, and reporting/documentation.