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Utilization of Temporary Agencies - Administrative and Classified Staff

Memorandum #261 Utilization of Temporary Agencies - Administrative and Classified Staff

Revised: August 22, 2003
Date of Issue: June 11, 1980

As part of an overall attempt to reduce College costs, all administrative and supervisory employees who have a need to use temporary employees are requested to limit such use to essential replacement requirements.  In this regard the following procedure will be implemented with the issuance of this Policies and Procedures Memorandum effective July 1, 1980.

Personal Time

  1. Prior to requesting replacement for an absent employee, every effort must be made to continue to operate without a replacement.  Such efforts should include suspension or delay of services or functions performed, sharing duties with remaining employees, temporary reassignment of duties when such reassignment can be effected without serious in-pact on another area in the College, etc.  Planned absences such as vacations should be handled in this manner whenever possible, particularly if vacations are taken during a period when a department is operating at an off-peak time.
  2. Replacement requests will require a minimum of twenty-four hours' notice.
  3. It is expected that absences of a week or less normally will not require the use of a temporary replacement.
  4. Requests for temporary employees must be approved by the appropriate senior officer or his or her designee on form provided.  (See attached HR Form 109.)
  5. Use of a temporary employee will be limited to a maximum two-week period.  Any extension beyond this limit will require approval of the senior officer or his or her designee and shall be for intervals of no more than one week.
  6. Requests shall be made with as much advance notice as possible and should specify the minimal level of qualification that is acceptable.  For example, when replacing a secretary on a temporary basis, a stenographic skill may not be an essential requirement.
  7. Request forms are available in the Human Resources Office, Ext. 8037.