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Presence of Minors (Dependents Under the age of 18) on Campus

Memorandum #156 Presence of Minors (Dependents Under the age of 18) on Campus

Revised: February 27, 2014
Original Date of Issue: April 30, 1992
Reissued:  156 – December 16, 2009

Because of important safety and liability issues, the presence of minors on campus other than Community College of Philadelphia students is strongly discouraged. To ensure the safety of children, those under the age of 18 must not be left unattended on college property. Employees and students are advised that:

  • Employees' minor-age children are not to be brought to the workplace. At times when schools are closed or normal child care arrangements cannot be used, employees are asked to make alternate arrangements for child care and not allow their child to accompany them to work.
  • To prevent disruption of the learning process, children are not permitted in classrooms or laboratories when classes are in session. However, with regard to classrooms (but not laboratories), faculty members instructing a class may make exceptions in individual cases, provided that the learning process is not disrupted.
  • Except as noted below*, under no circumstances are minors other than Community College of Philadelphia students allowed in the gymnasium, instructional laboratories, laboratory prep areas, library and/or learning commons, student academic computing centers, learning laboratories, or administrative service areas (e.g., duplicating, mail room, craft shops).
  • The College assumes no liability for any injury incurred by minors who are not registered Community College of Philadelphia students while they are on college property.

*NOTE: This policy does not preclude children's participation in events sanctioned by the College or the involvement of children in educational activities specific to a curriculum. As of the date of the ratification of the policy, the College has maintained a Child Development Center which provides an option for care.