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Brand Management

The College Brand

Our brand is the sum total of the College’s mission, vision and strategic goals, informed by external and internal research that identifies attributes, strengths and perceptions meaningful to the College’s key audiences. A college brand is a living and breathing combination of external perception, internal aspiration and operational reality.

All of the College’s other plans completed up to this point were reviewed, and ideas and needs from these documents were integrated into the marketing strategies. In order to guide the plan, consultants conducted research to find what residents, students and businesses knew and thought about the College. This information helped us understand the niche the College fills in the Philadelphia market and what our strengths are, as perceived by an external audience. This data was then used to drive a positioning statement, which is the most concise expression of the institution’s competitive advantage, or what it does differently in its market than others. This internal marketing mission statement also guides strategy, messages and execution.

Marketing Campaign

To establish the brand and implement the strategies in the marketing plan, we needed to choose a creative concept that would shape our marketing efforts. This concept summarizes the College’s key strengths and advantages in a short, memorable phrase: The Path to Possibilities.

This phrase and the College logo are used across all College collateral, including brochures, the College’s website, billboards, printed advertisements and letterhead. The similar look to the College’s marketing pieces help to build the brand and make the College more recognizable.