Brand Management

The Community College of Philadelphia Brand

Our brand is the sum total of the College’s mission, vision and strategic goals, informed by external and internal research that identifies attributes, strengths and perceptions meaningful to the College’s key audiences. A college brand is a living and breathing combination of external perception, internal aspiration and operational reality. 

It is brought to life through lived experiences, shared vision, commitment and the tireless efforts of faculty, staff, students and partners 

To be successful, the College brand must be honest, accessible to and applicable across the institution, and expressed consistently in order to build trust and establish meaningful connections. 

When the brand is strong, pride grows, messaging is understood as more salient to your audience, and the reputation of the institution is burnished

It is co-created by the institution and members of our community. 

It’s who we say we are but also who others say we are.

Key Components:

  • Culture, mission statement, values (intangible)
  • Language, voice and tone
  • Visual identity
  • Signage, ad campaigns, merchandise and swag (tangible)

Positioning and Brand Guidelines

  • Positioning Statement: a compelling statement of how we want the market to perceive the College 
  • Editorial Style Guide: a helpful guide to use when developing communications, from the College’s writing standards, to voice and tone, and how to reference student groups
  • Logo System Wordmarks: download the College logo and understand how to use it
  • Brand Identity Colors: the College’s primary brand colors
  • Tagline Typography: fonts used in the College print communications
  • Brand Extensions: Foundation, Corporate Solutions and division/department logos
  • Lions Mascot: the College mascot logos and acceptable uses
  • Marketing Campaign: an overview of the College’s current marketing campaign
  • Social Media: an introduction to the College’s official social media accounts, and best practices
  • Resources (Coming Soon): email signatures, letterhead, presentations and more