Promotional Tools


The College utilizes a comprehensive advertising campaign to recruit for and promote the fall, spring and summer terms, as well as other programs, services and major College announcements. A number of media vehicles are utilized in this campaign, including print ads, online and sponsorship advertising, radio and TV commercials, outdoor and transit advertising, and more. 

College Website

We are responsible for the management and maintenance of the College website, All request for edits or updates to existing website content should be sent to Each division at the College has content authors and content managers who are responsible for areas of content on the website. To make changes to content specific to your area of responsibility at the College, please content the appropriate content author within your division. Refer to the Governance document for a complete list of content authors. [link to Web Governance document]

A Web Governance Committee, comprised of individuals from around the College, reviews and evaluates management and maintenance of the website. At times, this committee will review material submitted for the website in order to avoid duplicate pages or site structures that lead to confusion for users. Members have also developed a set of standards for the website and develop best practices guidelines. [link to Web Governance document]

College Catalog

Once a year, departments and offices around the College are required to submit edits for the College Catalog, published online at, and each division has designated contacts assigned to this task. Updates are usually complete in late March or early April.

Displays (Tabletop and Floor)

Tabletop and floor displays for Admissions, Marketing, Corporate Solutions, academic department and other areas of the College have been used at area conferences and events. If your department would like to request a display, please contact the director of Creative Services at ext. 8043. If you would like to use an existing College display for an event or activity, please contact the Special Events and Community Relations coordinator at ext. 8941.


Enrollment postcards are sent three times a year to ZIP codes in Philadelphia informing residents of the start of the fall, spring and summer terms and to promote upcoming open houses and online information sessions. Separate postcards are also sent to Philadelphia residences with a student or students in college to promote the summer term.


Below is a sample of the variety of printed publications we produce:

  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Fliers and one-pagers
  • Annual reports
  • Invitations
  • Posters
  • Event programs

If you would like to request a publication to promote a program, event or activity, please content the director of Marketing at ext. 8449 or the director of Creative Services at ext. 8043 to discuss your request.

Social Media

Disseminating information and communicating through social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, is a quick and effective method of keeping audiences apprised of news and events. The College has an official Facebook page and several areas of the College have their own as well, such as Student Life, Athletics and the Fox Rothschild Center for Law and Society, among others. There are also numerous pages for students in specific programs, as well as pages for student clubs. The College’s eMarketing coordinator answers prospective and current student questions through Facebook and Twitter, and posts event information and activities. These outlets are also a great way to let audiences know about what kind of events, programs and lectures happen at the College.

If you are interested in starting a social media account for your area on behalf of the College, please review the College’s Social Media Guidelines located on the portal under General Links.