Other Benefits

10.1 Tuition Remission 

All full-time faculty, full-time administrators and regular full-time, non-probationary classified employees are entitled to 100% full remission of tuition and fees for academic courses taken at Community College of Philadelphia. Their spouses and children are also entitled to receive 100% remission of tuition and fees for academic courses taken at the College. 

The general guidelines related to tuition remission are as follows: 

  1. All applicants for tuition remission must satisfy the regularly applied admission standards of the College. 
  2. All employees must complete a tuition remission application and get approval from their supervisor and senior administrator or dean. The tuition remission application for domestic partners or children must be accompanied by a dependent verification taxation form whereby employees must indicate their domestic partner's or child's tax status. 
  3. Employees will not take courses during their regular working hours unless they have permission from their supervisor(s) and department head. 
  4. The term "dependent children" shall mean natural born children, stepchildren, and legally adopted children who are still listed as dependents for income tax purposes. Spouses of the aforementioned dependents and grandchildren of employees are not eligible for tuition remission benefits. 
  5. Application forms for tuition remission can be found on the College Human Resources Department webpage under "forms," or may be secured from the Human Resources Department, 1500 Spring Garden Street, A7-142. 
  6. Academic courses taken by non-dependents and domestic partners are taxable under federal law. 

The general eligibility requirements are as follows: 

  1. Classified and Confidential Employees: 

    Regular full-time, non-probationary employees shall be entitled to full remission of tuition and fees for up to four (4) courses per semester. 

  2. Part-Time Classified Employees: 

    Part-time classified employees who have been employed for at least ninety (90) days shall be entitled to full remission of tuition and fees for one (1) course per semester provided that no such course shall be taken during the employee's regular working hours. Those employees who have worked at the College for at least two (2) years and are working a minimum of twenty hours per week may take a second course with full remission of tuition and fees. Spouses and children of part-time hourly staff are not eligible for this benefit. 

  3. Full-Time Faculty and Administrators: 

    Full-time faculty and administrators are entitled to full remission of tuition and fees for academic work taken at the College.

  4. Part-Time Faculty and Visiting Lecturers: 

    Part-time faculty and visiting lecturers are entitled to full remission of tuition and fees for one (1) course per semester provided he/she was employed during the previous semester or is currently employed. The previous semester shall include Summer work. Employees working in the Spring semester shall be entitled to such tuition remission in either subsequent Summer session or the following Fall semester. All visiting lecturers, and all other employees in Pool VII and above, shall be entitled to the same tuition remission for themselves and their families, as full-time faculty members, for up to two (2) courses per semester. 

To view the full tuition remission policy (Policy 251)

10.2 Forgivable Loans 

The College makes available to full-time faculty and staff a forgivable loan program for career and skills advancement. Loans are available to pursue entry level or advanced college or graduate study on a part-time or full-time basis. The loan will be written off on a fixed schedule in consideration of continuing service to the College. If the faculty or staff member leaves before the loan is repaid, the balance must be paid back at twelve percent (12%) interest. 

For additional information including maximum loan amounts and required documentation, please access Forgivable Loan Policy

10.3 Computer Loan Purchase 

As part of the College staff development initiative, a computer loan program is offered in order to purchase computers for the home. Full-time, non-temporary employees and part-time faculty in seniority pool X or higher are eligible for the computer loan purchase program. Part-time faculty members must be in seniority pool X or higher at the time the loan application is submitted in order to be eligible for the loan. 

In order to obtain a loan, the eligible faculty or staff member must: 

  • Sign a promissory note and re-payment plan which is accomplished through payroll deductions. 
  • Agree to repay the outstanding balance through unused vacation, cash payment or a new payment agreement not to exceed one year. 

For additional information, please access: http://www.ccp.edu/vpfin-pl/CompPurchAsstPlan.pdf

10.4 Employee Assistance Program ("EAP") 

The College has contracted with an external employee assistance provider. Some of the counseling services available to faculty, staff and eligible family members include:

  • Marriage, family and relationship challenges.
  • Emotional, personal and stress related concerns.
  • Chemical dependency and substance abuse.
  • Child care, parenting, and special needs.
  • Health and wellness.
  • Elder care. 

The contact number for the EAP provider is 1-800-437-0911. The service is available twenty-four (24) hours a day, 365 days a year.  

Access the EAP via https://www.myliferesource.com/mlro/mbLogon.aspx and use code KJC7Y when you register an account.