College Services And Resources

13.1 Multimedia Services 

The Office of Multimedia Services provides equipment to College offices to be used for instructional purposes. 

To view the policy (Policy 155 regarding the sign out procedure for audiovisual equipment), please access: 

Memorandum 155 - Sign-out Procedure for Long-term Audiovisual Equipments

13.2 College Rooms and Facilities 

Community College of Philadelphia is committed to ensuring the full use of its facilities for the education of its students and where economically possible and appropriate for community advancement. 

To view the policy (Policy 153), please access:

Memorandum 153 - Policy Governing use of College Facilities 

13.3 Business Services 

Central Duplicating and Central Supply departments are located in MG-25 of the Mint Building. Both departments are under the Manager, Administrative Services, extension 8256. 

Hours of Operation: 

Fall and Spring Semesters Summer Sessions 

Day(s) of WeekHours of Operation (Normal)Summer Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 7:30 am – 7:00 pm Same
Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm Closed
Saturday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Closed

Duplicating Services 

Central Duplicating provides the following services: offset printing, duplicating, collating, binding and laminating services. 

Transparencies in both color and black/white can be produced in the main center. Only transparencies provided by Central Duplicating can be used in the production equipment. 

Duplicating requests can be submitted through the MyCCP portal. For requests with multiple attachments, send email with attachments to . The online form provides all necessary information to prevent errors in production. Files which can be attached are PDF (preferred), Word, Excel and PowerPoint. No other file formats are supported by the College.

Work submitted will be reviewed for copyright compliance to meet Federal law and College policy requirements. Handouts are available at the Duplicating service counter with specific examples of do’s and dont's. 

All work with multiple pages will be reproduced as two sided copies unless specifically requested as one sided copies. All paper used in Central Duplicating contains 30% post consumer waste and is FSC certified. 

Color copies for internal use at the College must be approved by your Department Head. Chargeback for supply costs are $.08 per copy. 

For estimates, questions concerning copyright procedures or other information concerning duplicating services, please contact the Manager, Administrative Services at extension 8256. 

Central Supply 

Central Supply is a depository for forms, letterhead and envelopes which can be requested by submitting an order form to MG-25. Laser cartridges for most HP laser printers used throughout the College are sold in Central Supply. Prices are available on the Central Supply order form. 

Equipment repairs are also coordinated through Central Supply. Vendors are contacted and repair orders are issued through this department. Please contact the Manager, Administrative Services at extension8256 for more information. 

Central Duplicating and all employees are required to adhere to the Copyright Law of 1976 which became effective January 1, 1978. Should any questions arise concerning copyrighted information, direct them to the Manager, Administrative Services. 

To view the policy (Policy 301), please access:

Memorandum 301 - Central Duplicating Operating & Reproduction Services

13.4 Fitness Facilities 

The gymnasium is adjacent to the Winnet Building and is easily noticeable with red front doors. 

The gymnasium is open during the academic year Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. During the summer, the gymnasium is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and closed Friday through Saturday. 

13.5 Dining Services and Vending 

An outside vendor operates the College’s food service venues with cafés on the Main Campus and at the Northeast and Northwest Regional Centers. The cafés offer self service as well as made to order deli and grill selections. Cafeteria style menu options are currently available at the Colonial Café in The Pavilion building on Main Campus and at the Northeast Regional Center. 

For more Dining Services information such as hours of operation, contact information, weekly menus, catering request instructions, etc. go to MyCCP and click on Dining Services.


Vending machines are located in every building on the Main Campus and the regional centers except the 1500 Spring Garden Street Annex. Machines accept cash and some accept credit cards. 

Bill changers are located in each vending area and some locations offer microwave ovens. 

13.6 Library 

The Community College of Philadelphia Library offers many electronic and printed materials to help students find the information they need. Through the Library website, a student can search online to locate a journal or book in the library, find what he/she needs in an online encyclopedia or ask a librarian a question. Our library offers plenty of individual and group study areas, as well as access to computers. 

13.7 Bookstore 

An outside vendor operates College bookstores on the Main Campus and at the Northeast and Northwest Regional Centers. The Main Campus bookstore is located on the ground level of the Pavilion Building. 

At the Northeast Regional Center, the bookstore is located on the first level near the Townsend Road entrance. At the Northwest Regional Center, the bookstore is located at the basement level near the student lounge. 

For information regarding bookstore hours at all three campus locations, contact information, merchandise and online book and merchandise ordering, go to MyCCP and under the employee tab, go to Student Life and click on “Bookstore”. 

13.8 Mail Services 

U.S. and inter-campus mail pick-up stations are located in each division. The College will pay postage only for official College business mail. Faculty and staff should not receive personal packages at the College. High volume mailings should be coordinated with the mailroom supervisor (extension 8109) to ensure that postage discounts for zip code sorting can be attained. 

Mail services and operations are conducted in the Mint Building in Room MG-25. All domestic and foreign matter which is entered into the U.S. Postal System is subject to U.S. regulations. 

Mail which represents the official business of the College is processed as metered mail. Individuals must provide their own envelopes and postage for personal mail. Contact the Mail Room, extension 8109, Room MG-25 for additional information. 

To view the policy (Policy 302), please access:

Memorandum 302 - Campus Mail Procedures

13.9 Memberships and Subscriptions 

See your dean or supervisor to determine eligibility and availability of funds. The College encourages participation in appropriate professional associations and will assist with such participation in any way possible, consistent with operational and budgetary availability. 

13.10 Office Supplies 

Office supplies must be requested from your department chair or cost center supervisor. 

13.11 Parking 

Parking is available on the Main Campus in the Main Garage on a “pay as you park” basis. Pay stations are located at entrance and exit locations on 17th and 18th Streets, south of Spring Garden Street and north of Callowhill Street. Payment must be made at the pay stations before leaving the Garage. Pay stations accept cash and VISA credit cards but do not accept debit cards. 

Parking spaces are limited and the Main Garage fills quickly so plan accordingly. A CCP photo ID is required for entry. Monthly parking is available in the Bonnell Lot, CBI Garage, and Main Garage for full-time and part-time CCP employees. Employees interested in monthly parking should contact the Business Office and fill out an application for placement on the waiting list. 

Monthly parking fees are set up as payroll deductions. Rates for the Main Garage as well as for monthly parking vary and are subject to change. Additionally, the City of Philadelphia has designated parking along streets adjacent to the Main Campus. 

The Northeast and Northwest Regional Centers have parking lots free of charge. The West Regional Center has a small parking lot free of charge. The City of Philadelphia has designated street parking in the vicinity of the West Regional Center. 

For additional information, please contact the Manager, Auxiliary Enterprises in the Office of Budget and Financial Services, extension 8774. To view the policy (Policy 157), please access: 

Memorandum 157 - Parking Policy 

13.12 Requesting Sign Language Interpreters (“SLI’s”) 

13.12.1 Students Needing SLI’s 

The Center On Disability arranges for sign language interpreters for students. Students requiring classroom interpreting services should discuss specific needs with the counselor in the Center as early as possible. Students are urged to register and make requests at least one month prior to the start of the semester. The Interpreter Referral Service with whom the Center On Disability schedules interpreting services requires that cancellation of requests for services be received by their office no later than two full business days prior to the scheduled appointment date. You can call the Center at 215-751-8050 (voice or TDD).

13.12.2 Faculty and Staff Needing SLI’s 

Please forward SLI requests to the Technical Craft Specialist in Human Resources at extension 8204 with the following information:

  • Contact information including name, office location and extension.
  • Date, time and location specifics.
  • Number of interpreters needed.
  • Identify requirements and certifications, for example strong ASL to English voicing skills, RID certified, national certification required etc. 

The request should be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance and cancellations require a minimum of two days’ notice.