Campus Health And Safety

Section 12.0

12.1 Bloodborne Pathogens Standards 

In accordance with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the College has developed a comprehensive policy to manage, record, document, and suppress exposures to bloodborne pathogens. 

Infectious Agent and Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Policy

12.2 Campus Security 

The Community College of Philadelphia is statistically among the safest of the Philadelphia area colleges and universities. The College annually publishes crime statistics which are available on the College website or from the Office of Safety and Security, Room M1-24, extension 8111. 

There are prudent steps which faculty and staff can take to ensure that the College remains a safe area. 

  • Make sure that offices are not left unattended 
  • Personal property should be locked in drawers or cabinets at the end of the work day 
  • Special care should be taken with personal computers and other small valuable items 

The College maintains a 24-hour security force which will respond at any time to an emergency. The College’s emergency security number is extension 5555. Any employee desiring an escort service to the College’s parking facilities should call extension 8111.

Security LocationPhone/Extension

Manager of Security & Safety 


Mint Building - Main Entrance 


Mint Building - 17th Street 


Bonnell Building - 16th Street 


Bonnell Building Auditorium 


The Pavillion 

West Building 



Winnet Student Life Building 




Center for Business and Industry 


Northwest Regional Center 


Northeast Regional Center 


West Philadelphia Regional Center 


To Report an Emergency 


12.3 Emergencies, Fire and Safety 

If you notice a fire, immediately call the Security Office at extension 5555 and give your name, the location of the fire, its size and other relevant information. The fire alarm system operates with strobe lights, alarms and buzzers. When the bell rings constantly, College buildings must be evacuated. Do not use escalators or elevators in an evacuation. Fire instructions are posted on classroom walls and in other places. 

Disabled students, faculty or staff who are unable to use stairs should be placed in the nearest fire escape or designated area to wait for rescue personnel. Upon their arrival, fire or rescue personnel must be notified of the location of these disabled individuals. 

All faculty and staff are expected to report any conditions that may create a safety hazard to Security or a supervisor as soon as noticed. Medical emergencies should be reported at once to Security. Chemical spills/release of hazardous material incidents should lead to immediate evacuation of the area. Once evacuation has occurred, all doors leading out of the danger area should be sealed. If trained personnel with safety gear are in the area, they will carry out other necessary measures. In any case, security should be notified as soon as possible. Any bomb threats should be reported to security as soon as possible. 

Safety & Security Website

12.4 Worker’s Compensation Policy 

All faculty, staff and student workers are covered by the State worker’s compensation law which provides benefits for those injured on the job. All on-the-job injuries must be reported as soon as possible and in no case later than 24 hours from the time of the injury to ensure eligibility. The initial report must be to the injured employee’s immediate supervisor. If the supervisor is unavailable, report the injury to the Security Office. The College makes every effort to aid the individual return to work as soon as a doctor certifies a return is possible. 

The College has a College-wide Safety Committee to investigate on-the-job injuries and to assist in the elimination of potential safety hazards. 

For more information please contact the Human Resources Department at extension 8365. 

Below is the link for information regarding the College’s Worker’s Compensation policy and related forms. 

Human Resources Department Worker’s Compensation website