Plan Facilitators

The new strategic plan will focus on the "pillars" identified in The City’s College: Impact 2025. While the entire College community and interested external stakeholders will serve as pillar builders for our plan by providing ideas for the future, a team of faculty and administrators were asked to facilitate discussions about the pillars.

Strategic Planning Facilitators

Pillar Builders

College Community and external stakeholders


Identified community members who will engage others and gather and supply information to make it possible for us to build a new plan.

Student Success

Laura Davidson
Donavan McCargo


Carol de Fries
Wayne Williams

Community Relations

Marissa Johnson Valenzuela
Dave Thomas


David Bertram
Gary Bixby

Fiscal Sustainability

Kristy Shuda McGuire
Jim Spiewak

Additional Support

A small team of faculty, administrators, staff and a representative of the student body who are also planning facilitators. These faciliators support the work in multiple ways to ensure timely completion of the plan based on the guiding principles. The representatives are:
      Judith Gay           Lisa Hutcherson     Stephanie Scordia
      Samuel Hirsch           Eric Massenburg     Kristen Starr
      Rainah Chambliss           Nadia Mendez     Tammy Wooten