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Phones and Voicemail

Office Phones

To reach an on-campus phone number, dial the 4-digit extension (usually the last 4 digits of the full phone number). To make an outside call on a campus phone, dial 9 plus the area code and phone number. For troubleshooting or to request an office phone, faculty and staff can contact ITS Support.


Employees have been assigned a "Voice Mailbox" on the Nortel Call Pilot. Your mailbox number is your 4-digit phone number.

You may reach Nortel Call Pilot and your voicemail box by calling ext. 8999 internally or 215-751-8999 from any phone.

Nortel Phone Pilot and Voicemail Commands

Conference Phones

Do you need a speaker phone for a meeting? Depending on the size of your group, there are two options available to faculty or staff: One for large groups (the Polycomm) and a desk phone model for 2-4 people. Contact us to request a speaker phone.

Conference Bridges

A conference bridge service is available for use by faculty and staff. To schedule use of the bridge, contact the Support Center at x6000, option 1, or email 4ITSupport.