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About Marketing and Communications

Our Offices

The Division of Marketing and Communications oversees all aspects of the division: marketing, communications, media and public relations, community relations, crisis communications and College-wide events; responsible for all government relations campaigns and activities

Team Contacts:

Shannon McLaughlin Rooney

Vice President for Marketing and Communications

(p) x8205

Special Events and Community Relations

Plans all official College events; handles most non-instructional facilities usage requests and aids outside organizations in planning events at the College; responsible for community relations and for the annual United Way campaign.

Team Contact:

Erica Harrison

Special Events and Community Relations Coordinator

(p) x8941

Erika Gunter

Special Events Assistant

(p) x8619


Responsible for the development and implementation of the College’s strategic plans in relation to marketing; developing messaging for market segments and identifying collateral needed; advertising; working with internal colleagues on marketing planning; writing of College online and print publications, and website; speech writing; social media.

Team Contact:

Kris Henk

Director of Marketing

(p) x8449

Nikki Sarpolis

Marketing Coordinator/ Writer

(p) x6206

Camille Bell

eMarketing Coordinator

(p) x6379

Qurana Moody

Marketing Specialist

(p) x8518

Jessica Scicchitano

Editorial and Administrative Assistant for Marketing and Creative Services

(p) x8040

Creative Services

Responsible for the design and development of the College’s website, and online and print publications; College photography; design and production of advertising materials, managing print process both internally and externally; works with internal colleagues to assess publications needs; production schedules for all projects.

Team Contacts:

Eve Markman

Director of Creative Services

(p) x8043

Jason Stein

Website Manager and Information Architect

(p) x8464

John Smith

Web Designer

(p) x8807

Gil González

Graphic Designer

(p) x8044

Angela Miles

Graphic Designer

(p) x8951

Elizabeth Field


(p) x88822

Communications (Media and Public Relations)

Handles press and media communications and relations, coordinating media outreach with members of the College family; pitches stories to media, responds to media inquiries and secures media interviews; writes news releases; articles for College publications; attends College events to gather information for stories; manages press conferences; supports VP on internal communications, crisis communications and government relations.

Team Contacts:

Linda Wallace

Director of Communications

(p) x8082