Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center is committed to continuing to provide support to our students, staff and faculty. Dynamic Form requests, individual advising and up to date VA/school information are all available remotely.  

Virtual Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

You can schedule a meeting with Steve Bachovin via sbachovin@ccp.eduorvets@ccp.eduand Starfish. He can also be reached via social media on Linkedin and Facebook. Please include your full name, student “J” ID number.  Within 24 hours of your request, a confirmation email will be sent to you via email including your appointment date, time and a Zoom/Skype invitation and link. 

Important Things to Remember

Seek academic advisement because you will be billed and are responsible for classes that DO NOT line up with your degree path. We will help you find either your Academic Advisor or a counselor. 

The VA WILL NOT pay for ONLINE remedial classes. (This may be revised under the current national emergency as all classes are now online.)

Previously PASSED courses are NOT covered by your benefits except in rare situations.

The VA will pay for a failed class but NOT a dropped class.

Financial Obligation: Based on your eligibility for VA benefits, a GOOD HOLD will be placed on your account. Any balance not covered by the VA or other aid is your responsibility. Chapter 1606 & 35 benefits are paid directly to students. Always apply for the Free Application of Federal Student Aid.  

All veterans, military, and dependents are granted our residency rate when using VA or TA Automatically.  Those not using education benefits must present proof (DD214 or Orders) to the VRC

Dynamic Forms

Some services might require a virtual meeting and or an email, while other requests can simply be submitted via Dynamic Forms.  

To access Dynamic Forms, login to MYCCP.  Click on the Student Tab. In the Electronic Forms box, select Records and RegistrationSelect the Veterans Registration Certification form to register all new classes for the upcoming summer and fall semesters.   

Faculty and Staff

If you are concerned with a student’s performance please contact by email or Starfish

Along with Zoom and Skype there is a chat feature in OFFICE 365 called TEAMS or I can be reached via Google voice / text: 215-370-1757