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The use of Open Educational Resources (OER) can contribute to student success in a variety of ways. Students in courses which use OER do not have to stress over finding the money to purchase textbooks and course materials. They will also be able to have the materials on the first day of class.

Faculty who use OER will be able to choose from a wide variety of resources, rather than depending on publishers to curate course materials.

What are OER?

OER are educational materials that are either licensed under an open copyright license, such as Creative Commons or are in the public domain. With both options you have free access and permission to:

  • revise: to better meet your needs
  • reuse: either the original or your revised version
  • remix: combine it with other materials
  • redistribute: make copies and share your new version with others

Find out more about OER licenses: Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources and adopting

Listed below are examples of Open Educational Resources:

  • Textbooks
  • Videos
  • Simulations
  • Assessments
  • Lecture Notes
  • Full Courses

You may not find one OER  resource that perfectly fits your needs. However, if you do some research and a bit of investigation, you will be amazed by the breadth, variety, and quality of the materials available to you, for free or next to nothing! Check out the OER repositories below.

Canvas Commons (accessed through Canvas)

CCP Libguide

OER Commons

Open Course Library

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware 

Tufts Open Courseware 

Saylor Academy