Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) Objectives

  • Promote student-centered learning that engages students
  • Promote innovation that encourages and facilitates student's active engagement in learning processes and student-faculty interactions
  • Multi-use design: group work, discussion, lecture
  • Offer multiple ways to share and display content
  • Layout/technology supports easy collaboration and communication between students and between students and between students and faculty
  • Effective display of content that supports various learning styles


  • Multiple flat-panel display projection systems
  • Flexible tables and seating
  • 360-degree whiteboards
  • A teaching station that allows selection and display of table-specific information
  • WiFi, power outlets and more

ALC Training/Orientation

Hands-on Equipment Orientation

We provide classroom orientation sessions to help familiarize classroom users with the technology. These sessions will include:

  • An overview of the installed presentation technology.
  • Personalized coaching on the effective use of audio/visual, computer, and projection systems.

Reserve an Active Learning Classroom

The Active Learning Classrooms BR-67 and C3-29, will be available to reserve for the Spring 2018 semester beginning Tuesday, December 5th 2017.  Anyone can request them prior to the semester start.  Both classrooms accommodate 36 students, but they have different layout/designs.

BR-67 Layout Plan     C3-29 Layout Plan    Scheduling Request Form

Active Learning Classroom Resources

NetSupport School Quick-start Tutorial

Basic Active Learning Strategies

Video Resources

The video resources below, provide varying examples of Active Learning Classrooms at different institutions from around the country. 

Questions? Contact Us!

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