Math Course Progression

Students may take Developmental English and Mathematics courses simultaneously if both are required.

Most courses require completion of Developmental English or ESL courses (if the student is so placed) and eligibility for ENGL 101. See the Course Placement List for a list of courses open to students in Developmental English and/or ESL courses.

Students should be advised to take Mathematics courses in sequential semesters until requirements are completed.


Current Course(s)Next Course(s)
FMNT 016 FMNT 017
FMNT 017 FMNT 118
FNMT 019 FNMT 118
118 Continuing with math will depend on your goals. Speak to an academic advisor for proper course selection

Mathematics Prerequisite flow chart

Please contact Brenton Webber at with questions.

English Course Progression

Current Placement or Courses Next Course (s) Final Course in Sequence
ENGL 098/099 (Level 2) ENGL 101/108* (Level 5) ENGL 102
ENGL 098/101 (Level 4) ENGL 102 (only) No linked course required
ENGL 101 (Level 6) ENGL 102 (only) No linked course required

*Only for students matriculating out of Level 2

Listening/Speaking Course Progression

Current Course(s)

Next Course(s)

ENGL 071 ENGL 072
ENGL 072 ENGL 073 

(requires completion of ENGL 081 / 091 or placement in ENGL 082 / 092)

ENGL 073 ENGL 101 

only / no linked course required / also requires completion of ENGL 098 / 099