Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Institutional Effectiveness at Community College of Philadelphia forms the framework through which the College evaluates the extent to which progress is sustained in achievement of the College’s mission through integrated processes that connect assessment, planning, and resource allocation.

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) has broad College representation and serves the College community by providing leadership and oversight of the College’s accreditation, planning and assessment goals.

 The charge to the IEC is:

  • Draft policy and protocols for institutional data governance: including survey calendar and policies; data collection policy.
  • Provide recommendations for alignment of budget, planning, and assessment.
  • Align strategic planning with Middle States standards and inform Cabinet of issues.
  • Create and support an Institutional Review Board as a subcommittee.
  • Review progress in strategic planning KPIs; align to MSCHE Annual reporting.
  • Ensure a transparent process of communication.
  • Provide ongoing evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness.
  • Establish an annual assessment calendar and a cycle for planning.
  • Ensure assessment of planning processes.