Request Services

To request service from the Facilities office, view the information below.

Emergency Requests

If your request is an emergency, call Facilities at extension 8190.

Non-Emergency Requests

For non-emergency requests, the Facilities office uses the FAMIS Work Request System. To login, use your MyCCP user name and password.

Login to FAMIS Work Request System

For details about how to create, view and update requests in FAMIS, view the Using FAMIS for Work Requests guide.

Maintenance Request

Maintenance Requests for routine services can be made by phone or FAMIS Self-Service. Routine services include, but are not limited to:

  • replacing missing/burnt out light bulbs
  • restoring student or instructor seating
  • pest control issues, liquid spills or rubbish cleanups.


  • During office hours (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), call Facilities Management at extension 8190
  • After office hours, call the Security Office at extension 8111 to reach Facilities


  • Use FAMIS to submit routine maintenance requests online.

Project Request

Project requests can be made by phone or FAMIS Self-Service. Project work can range from patching a hole in a wall to major renovations and upgrades. Depending on the size of a project, authorization and/or funding information may be required.

Small Projects

Includes minor facility changes such as wall repairs, electrical connections, picture hanging and small-scale painting. There is generally no charge to the home department for this type of service.

  • Submit a Facility Work Request form
  • Use FAMIS to submit a small project request

Moderate Projects

Includes projects involving significant time, cost and materials such as installing new electrical devices, installing shelving and minor office modifications. Larger projects are charged to the requestor’s cost center.

  • Submit a Facility Work Request form showing Department head approval and source of funding information

Major Projects

Major changes contemplated to a College facility must be requested and approved as a part of the College’s annual capital budget cycle.

  • View the planning/approval process, then submit a Facilities Modification Request form to initiate the process.
  • Please contact the Facilities Management Department at extension 8190 for more details on these procedures.

View the Modifications Planning/Approval Process

Room, Desk and File Cabinet Keys

Most often, your department’s office supervisor will request any keys you will need to access your office, desk, file cabinet or a special instructional classroom/laboratory. When you may need key access to another area:

  • Submit a Facilities Management Work order form to the Facilities Office in Room MG-14. This must be approved by your department head in order for us to process the request.
  • You or the department administrative assistant can call extension 8190 to verify the key is ready for pickup.

To deter petty theft, always keep office doors, desks and file cabinets locked when away from your work area.

Report a spill or dangerous condition or related problem requiring immediate attention

If you need to report a spill, a dangerous condition or any facilities emergency requiring immediate attention:


  • During the office hours (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), call Facilities Management at extension 8190 to report the condition. 
  • After normal office hours, report the condition to Security at extension 8111. 

Room Temperature Questions

The College strives to maintain its facilities between 65° F and 74° F. Depending on the building, temperature controls can be wall-mounted thermostats, ceiling Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes, unit heaters with individual controls and/or zoned temperature sensors. If your work area/classroom is uncomfortable:

  • Place a work order or emergency call to facilities at extension 8190 or 8111 after hours.

Staff will attempt to respond quickly. As with most large-scale HVAC systems, it may be difficult to deliver optimal temperatures at the start of both the heating and cooling seasons, so please dress according to your personal comfort needs during these transitional periods.

Special Events and Meetings

Rooms are reserved through the Special Events Office located in M2-5, extension 8941 or through the College Scheduler. Once an event is authorized and scheduled:

  • Submit a work order form for the Manager of Environmental Services, Room MG-14, detailing your needs and requested room layout.
  • Facilities Management staff at extension 8190 can help with the room layout.
  • If you will require Audio/Visual resources, the Multimedia Services staff, Room B1-25, will help determine your equipment needs.

Confidential Material Removal

You can arrange for the removal of confidential material such as [need content].

    • Call Facilities at extension 8190
    • Submit a Facilities Management work order

Moving Services

  • Call Facilities at exstension 8190
  • Submit a work order