ADA Accessibility Checklist



Better Practice



Textbook information available in advance to allow for the conversion of materials

Selection of textbooks that are available in electronic format


Disability statement on the syllabus

Invitation to discuss access concerns with you

  • Recommended statement:

Students who believe they may need an accommodation related to disability should contact their instructors privately to discuss their accommodation letter and specific needs as soon as possible (preferably within the first week of class). If you need to request accommodations but do not have an accommodation letter, please contact the Center on Disability, room BG-39, phone number 215-751-8050;


All course documents, including syllabus, are available in electronic and accessible formats upon request.

Use accessibility checkers built into office software products

Links provided to articles/readings upon request

All course documents are available in electronic and accessible formats to all students through Canvas.



Should follow accessible document guidelines as noted previously

Allow ample space for calculations, problem-solving, and response

Tests should be available in accessible electronic format upon demand

All tests available in accessible electronic format



The instructor’s organization of materials within Canvas should be clear, logical, and easy to navigate.

Materials uploaded to Canvas should follow accessible document guidelines as noted previously

Apply instructional design principles to Canvas

Multimedia (videos/photos)

All audio/video content has closed captioning or transcript available upon request.

Closed captioning is enabled for all course audio/video content.

CCP Library:



Audience response/3rd party assessment tools/external resources

Ex: Kahoot

Use products that have accessibility features.

Before adopting any product, review its Inclusion/Accessibility policy or its Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) document which evaluates how accessible a particular product is.

Products should be perceivable to and operable by all users, including those using assistive technologies.

Use products that are compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 to an AA conformance level.

Use a web accessibility evaluation tool to check the accessibility of a site you want to use.

transcription feature built into Word365