Grant and General Accounting

The Grant & General Accounting Department manages the financial recording transactions for College operations, student activities and athletics, financial aid, scholarships and awards, and grants and the foundation.

College Operation

It is the responsibility of this office to ensure that all financial recordings are completed in an accurate and timely manner and in compliance with the accounting guidelines, policies and procedures. This office assists with the preparation of financial statements and works closely with independent auditors for year-end audits. Budget approval for Purchasing, Payroll and Fringe Benefits Calculations for Student Activities, Athletics, Grants and the Foundation are also the responsibility of this office.

Forgivable Loans

The department is responsible for the processing of forgivable loans, computer loans and recording operating expenditures of college departments. Additional information can be obtained in the College Policies and Procedures website.

Clubs, Organizations and Athletics

The Division of Academic and Student Success works closely with the general accounting office for the financial recording of clubs, organizations and athletics budgets, revenue and expenditures. All budget and expenditures are subject for approval and budget control before they can be processed. Visit Student Life for more information and complete list of student clubs, organizations and athletics.

Alumni Association

This department is responsible for the College Alumni Association financial recording transactions. To participate and learn more about the College Alumni programs and opportunities, visit the Alumni Association site. 

Financial Aid, Scholarships and Awards

The Grant and General Accounting department also works closely with the offices of Institutional Advancement, Financial Aid and the Bursar for the application of financial recording of student scholarships and awards. For more information about scholarships and awards, visit the Financial Aid and Tuition Assistance pages.

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Main Campus – Mint Building, Room M1-2


Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Summer schedule: Mon-Thurs, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Closed on Fridays)

Grant and General Accounting Staff

Staff MemberRoleRoom LocationPhoneFaxEmail
Bayeh Harmon Director, Accounting & Special Funds M1-5 (215) 751-8353 (215) 972-6390
Jeff Haines Manager, Accounting & Special Funds M1-5 (215) 751-8133 (215) 972-6390
Justin Malamut Coordinator, Grant Accounting M1-2 (215) 516-3775 (215) 972-6390

Open Accountant M1-2 (215) 751-8185 (215) 972-6390

Kyra Beckett Accountant M1-2 (215) 751-8139 (215) 751-6390
Elsa Astacio Accounting Specialist M1-2 (215) 751-8143 (215) 751-6390
Open Accounting Specialist M1-2 (215) 751-8125 (215) 751-6390
Josephine Jones Accounting Generalist M1-2 (215) 751-8096 (215) 751-6390

 Community College of Philadelphia's Grant Project Director’s Handbook

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