My Path to Enrollment and Beyond

Enrollment Central

Located on the ground floor of the Bonnell Building, Enrollment Central is where many student services can be found, including Student Records and Registration, Financial Aid and Student Tuition Services.

Student Records and Registration

Most Records and Registration forms are accessed and submitted via the Dynamic Forms Portal. To access the forms listed below, follow these steps:

  1. Login to MyCCP to access the secure portal.
  2. Under the ‘Student’ tab, locate the ‘Electronic Forms’ section block in the right-hand column.
  3. Click ‘Records and Registration Forms’ to show available forms.
  4. Select the form you wish to fill in. Once all information is correct, ‘Submit’ the form for review.

Change of Information  

You may use this form to change or correct student demographic information, such as name, address, phone numbers, birth date, social security number, and email address. Proper documentation is required to change name, and correct a social security number discrepancy. For example, if you are registering a name change, legal documentation (e.g., birth certificate or marriage certificate) is required.

Record Challenge Form

This is the form to use if you believe an error exists on your academic record. It is not to be used to challenge a grade decision made by your instructor. It takes about 30 working days for the College to research your problem. It is a good idea to check your transcript each semester for accuracy.

Residency Statement/Documentation 

This form is used to update the residency status on your account. Tuition rates at Community College of Philadelphia are determined by a student’s domicile. Domicile is the place where one intends to and does, in fact, permanently reside. Along with this form, at least two documents from the provided list are required to support your request. Please allow three business days for request to be reviewed. You will receive notification through your College email account. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is a deadline to request and update and to submit your documents for each term. For Fall and Spring terms the deadline is the same as the Census date which is the same date as the end of the third week of classes. If ​your request and documentation ​are not received by this date, your residency request will be considered for the next term. For Summer terms, the deadline is the equivalent of the end of the third week since these terms are shorter than normal.

Special Request Form For Excused Withdrawal

If you experience a personal emergency or medical complication that caused you to withdraw from the College, apply for an excused withdrawal. Official documentation supporting your request is required at the time of submission; for example, medical, court documents, death certificate, etc. Requests without documentation will not be considered. The process takes approximately thirty (30) working days for a response. If your request is more than 2 years old; meet with a Counselor to determine if you are eligible for time or academic amnesty.

Special Request Form For Student Financial Account Adjustment

This form is used to request an account adjustment for courses that were dropped because of extenuating circumstances reasonably beyond the control of the student that caused the student to be unable to attend classes or complete the semester/term. These circumstances may include: extenuating medical complications, or personal emergency or situation, such as death of a close relative. This request must be accompanied by supporting documentation that provides an appropriate reason, pertinent dates/period of time, and submitted on official letterhead or office stationary. Examples of supporting documentation: letter from physician, court documents, death certificate, etc. Requests will not be considered if incomplete or supporting documentation is not included. Time Frame: Your request must be submitted by July 31st of the academic year in which the incident that initiated your request occurred (e.g. incident occurred on September 20, 2019, request must be submitted no later than July 21, 2020).

Enrollment Certification

A certification is an official statement of your current, past and future enrollment. It contains the following information:

  • Name
  • Anticipated graduation date
  • Enrollment status (i.e., full or part-time which is based on semester credits)
  • Number of credits and credit totals. Enrollment Certification requests must be made using MyCCP


All students in any credit degree or certificate program are encouraged to register online using MyCCP. Students on academic probation must consult with a counselor before they are able to register. Certain other restrictions (which vary by program of study) may apply. If you are not permitted to register online you must complete a Drop/Add Form, in person, and submit it to Enrollment Central on the Main Campus or the Regional Centers for processing. Be sure to keep a copy for your records. Upon successful registration, verify your enrollment by viewing your Enrollment Profile within your MyCCP account. For all students, once the academic term begins, signatures from your instructor, department head, and/or division dean may be needed on the Drop/Add Form to complete the registration process.

For more information regarding ‘Adding a Course After the Term Starts,’ see the Enrollment Information Guide on MyCCP.

Schedule Revisions (Drop/Add)

Most schedule revisions may be accomplished online using MyCCP. For all schedule revisions which are unable to be completed online, you must use a Drop/Add Form. Be sure to keep a copy for your records. You will be responsible for providing the student copy if there are any questions regarding the legitimacy of schedule changes.


The College provides three options for ordering transcripts: Online, mail or in-person.

When requesting a transcript, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Social Security Number
  • Complete mailing address to where transcript(s) are to be mailed
  • Credit/debit card for payment

Visit our webpage or refer to the Enrollment Services section of MyCCP for procedures on ordering a transcript and the fee structure.

Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (CSSD)

The Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (CSSD) may be issued to an applicant whom:

  • Is a resident of Pennsylvania
  • Is at least 18 years of age
  • Does not possess a secondary school diploma from the United States
  • Is not in a public, licensed private, registered accredited or licensed nonpublic secondary school; and
  • Presents evidence of satisfactory completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours of study (in postsecondary level courses) at an accredited institution of postsecondary education.

This form may be completed online with documentation using the ‘Electronic Forms’ section of MyCCP.

Veterans Resource Center

The College recognized early on that our returning veterans had a desire to enroll in school when getting out of the service.  With experience gained from the Vietnam era and the first Gulf War, Community College of Philadelphia was able to begin preparations for our returning Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom veterans. This started with the establishment of the Veterans Resource Center in spring 2008. The office has experienced growth over the years due to the change in the student veteran population with the advent of the GI Bill®. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

The Veterans Resource Center is located in the Bonnell Building, Room BG-43. The Center opened in November 2012, to serve our growing veteran student population and to access information on VA benefits, scholarships and College enrollment. The Center also provides a stress-free, non-judgmental lounge for all branches of the Armed Forces including the National Guard & Reserves.

For additional information or questions contact the Veteran’s Resource Center at .

Veterans Registration Certification

Students using military educational benefits must complete a Veterans Registration Certification Form each term they plan to use benefits. To expedite processing, complete and submit this form at least four weeks before the beginning of each term to the School Certifying Official. This form may be obtained from the ‘Electronic Forms’ section of MyCCP.

Course Scheduling Preference for Veteran Students

Veteran students (as defined below) are granted course scheduling preference (in accordance with Pennsylvania legislation Act 46 of 2014 – (Act of May 14, 2014, P.L. 667, No. 46) during the priority registration period. Act 46 of 2014 requires public institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania to provide veteran students, as defined in the Act, with preference in course scheduling. Non-compliance may be reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Education by submitting the Higher Education Student Complaint form found here.

Active military members also receive course scheduling preference during the priority registration period. Course scheduling preference means veteran students are able to start registering for courses sooner than students with the same class standing. Dates for priority registration and the procedure for veterans scheduling are published each semester on the College’s website. Eligible students must provide documentation confirming their status as an active military member or veteran as defined below. Supporting documentation such as the DD-214 must be received at least five business days before the priority registration period.

A Veteran – Per Act 46 of 2014 (Act of May 14, 2014, P.L. 667, No. 46):

  • Has served in the United States Armed Forces, including a reserve component and National Guard; and
  • Was discharged or released from such service under conditions other than dishonorable.
  • Veterans who completed their obligated service in the Reserves and National Guard but were not deployed to active duty are included in this definition. 

 A Veteran Student – Per Act 46 of 2014 (Act of May 14, 2014, P.L. 667, No. 46):

  • Is a veteran.
  • Has been admitted to a public institution of higher education; and
  • Resides in Pennsylvania while enrolled in the public institution of higher education.
  • Veteran students may or may not be using veteran’s educational benefits at the institution.
  • Act 46 of 2014 applies to veteran students admitted to all for-credit courses and programs offered at the institution.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office, located in Enrollment Central, is the best source for information about financial aid. To apply for financial aid, please visit and complete the application. For help to get started, please visit

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

To be a Title IV-eligible student under Section 484 of the HEA, the student must:

  • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a degree, certificate or other recognized educational credential (including a program of study abroad approved for credit by the eligible institution at which such student is enrolled) – that is, a regular student under 34 CFR 600.2);
  • Not be enrolled in elementary or secondary school and have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent;
  • Be maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP) if the student is a currently enrolled student;
  • Not owe an overpayment (refund) on Title IV grants;
  • Not be in default on a Title IV loan;
  • File with ED “as part of the original financial aid application process” a certification (Statement of Educational Purpose) that includes:
      • A statement of educational purpose, and
      • The student’s Social Security Number (SSN);
  • Be a U.S citizen or national, a permanent resident, or an eligible noncitizen;
  • Have returned any fraudulently obtained Title IV funds, if the student is convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to charges;
  • Not have fraudulently received Title IV loans in excess of annual or aggregate limits;
  • Have repaid any Title IV loan overpayment amounts in excess of annual or aggregate limits, if obtained inadvertently;
  • Have his Selective Service registration verified (the Title IV aid ineligibility for failure to register is actually in the Selective Service Act §3811(f));
  • Have a valid SSN, except for residents of the Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands, or the Republic of Palau; and
  • Not have a federal or state conviction for drug possession or sale, with certain time limitations.

Important Financial Aid Information

Award notifications are estimated amounts based on full-time enrollment. Awards are not finalized until you are enrolled and all eligibility requirements are satisfied. Balance checks are mailed or direct deposited after attendance for classes has been reported. Usually, this is around the middle of the semester.

Bookstore Credit

To be eligible for a bookstore credit, you must have excess authorized refundable aid after tuition and fees are assessed. Not all students will qualify for a bookstore credit. Your signature and photo ID will be required at the bookstore for every transaction. If all documents and open items are resolved in a timely manner, students with excess authorized aid will receive a bookstore credit for use at the bookstores located on Main Campus, Northeast and Northwest Regional Centers.

Payment Deadline

You may be dropped from your classes if your financial aid application is incomplete or could not be authorized four weeks before payment deadline. Authorization means that all required documents have been submitted, reviewed and cleared four weeks prior to the payment deadline. Check your bill in MyCCP to ensure that your financial aid application is complete.

The College Tuition Payment Plan is an option that keeps courses from being dropped for non-payment.

You are responsible for any outstanding balance should you lose your financial aid eligibility due to changes in enrollment, ‘illegal’ repeats, remedial developmental classes, failure to meet satisfactory academic progress or errors.

Please visit MyCCP from time to time for your most up-to-date financial aid status.

Financial Aid, Registration and Drop for Non-Payment

You can register for your classes before your financial aid is completed. However, please note that your financial aid application and all requested information must be finalized before the payment deadline on your College bill. If your financial aid is not completed by the payment deadline, you may be dropped from your classes. The College Tuition Payment Plan is an option that keeps courses from being dropped for non-payment. It is important that you login to your MyCCP account to confirm that you have no outstanding financial aid requirements before the payment deadline.

For Financial Aid office hours and more information, please visit

Return of Aid Money

If you withdraw from all classes, or from your last enrolled class, or stopped attending before the 60% point in the semester, federal regulations require that the College calculates the amount of aid you earned and compare that to the amount of aid that has been paid to your student account. As a result, you may owe the College and/or the U.S. Department of Education based on the federal formula.

Student Tuition Services

The act of registering for classes creates a financial obligation between the student and the College. It is the College’s policy that students be held accountable for this financial obligation.  It is the student’s responsibility to meet this financial obligation in a timely manner and to know and understand all College policies relating to registering, withdrawing, and other actions affecting their student account. This responsibility also includes reviewing e-billing statements and making sure that payments are made by the due date. More information is available in the Enrollment Information Guide, which is posted in MyCCP under the 'Student' tab each semester.   

Bill notifications are emailed to students at their College email address when an e-bill is available to view online. If the notification is not received, it is the student’s responsibility to review their balance and account activity via MyCCP. Financial aid, company billing and other third-party payments received will be reflected on the student’s account as those transactions occur. Students can access their recent account activity and billing statements by selecting ‘Bill Summary’ on the Financial Services channel in the MyCCP portal.  

Students are encouraged to make payments online by e-check (checking or savings account) or by credit/debit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA). Payments can be made by logging onto MyCCP and using the ‘Pay My Bill’ option on the Financial Services channel. There is no service charge for e-check payments. Credit/debit card payments will be assessed a 2.75% service charge. Consider using your bank information to pay by e-check rather than paying the service charge for a debit card transaction.  

For information about our virtual services and how to request an in person appointment during the COVID-19 campus closure, please click here.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to Community College of Philadelphia, and can be mailed to: 

Student Tuition Services
Community College of Philadelphia
1700 Spring Garden Street, Room BG-38 
Philadelphia, PA 19130 

Receipts are not issued for mailed payments unless specifically requested. Checks that are returned to the College by the bank for insufficient funds must be repaid within five business days, or you may be administratively withdrawn from the College. Only cash, certified checks, credit/debit cards and money orders will be accepted for repayment of returned checks. 

If you have not met your full financial obligation, the College reserves the right to withhold its services until the obligations are met. These include, but are not limited to: registration, transcripts requests, and release of diplomas. Students with an outstanding balance on their student account at the end of the term may be subject to collection activities including placement with a third party collection agency and credit bureau reporting.  

The Octavius Catto Scholarship

Thanks to the Octavius Catto Scholarship, you may be able to attend Community College of Philadelphia with no cost for tuition and fees. The Octavius Catto Scholarship helps eligible students by offering financial support to cover tuition and fees. If eligible, you will receive funding for food, books, transportation, and other related costs; a support team of success coaches and advisors; and connections to a network of city services like benefits access, quality childcare, and housing supports. If you are a first-time student at Community College of Philadelphia in your first semester of classes, you may qualify to receive this scholarship. To learn more, visit us online at or contact us at . 

International Student Services

International students are an important part of the student population at Community College of Philadelphia. With a diverse and culturally-rich student population, including representation from more than 60 countries, as well as students representing many ethnic backgrounds, we understand the questions and needs that are unique to students from different countries. The staff in International Student Services can assist you with maintaining legal student status while providing additional support services to assist in making cultural adjustments while achieving academic success. A variety of informational and social events are sponsored throughout the year.

Visit International Student Services in BG-42 or contact them by phone (Country code: 001) (215) 751-8863, or via email at . The International Student Services Seminar Canvas page is our home for documents, reminders, and announcements.  Please check this page frequently for updates and information.