All Winter and Spring 2021 classes will be held online, and all admissions and student support services are available remotely. Visit the Virtual Student Resource Center to access the assistance you need.

My Path to Campus Services


Follett Higher Education operate full-service bookstores on the Main Campus and at the Northeast and Northwest Regional Centers. The Main Campus bookstore is located in the Pavilion Building. Also, a bookstore is open on a temporary basis during the first two weeks of classes at the West Regional Center. Textbooks and course materials are sold at all bookstore locations specific to the location, with the exception of distance courses (online), which are available at the Main Campus.

New, used, and digital textbooks (for purchase and rent) are available at all bookstore locations. The Main, Northeast Regional, and Northwest Regional bookstores also carry a large selection of school supplies, computers and computer supplies, printers, trade books, greeting cards, school spirit apparel and giftware, trend apparel and accessories, backpacks, gift cards, and snacks and beverages. More information including bookstore hours, contact information, store promotions, online ordering options, etc., are posted on the bookstore link on MyCCP and the bookstore website at

Please note: Each order to the Bookstore is billed when items are delivered. Multiple orders shall not be placed for the same item unless the student is intending to pay for it. Any unexecuted order (backorder) must be closed by the student before a new order is placed for the same item.

Dining Services

Canteen, a division of Compass International, operates two dining options on the Main Campus. Roary’s Café, located in the Pavilion Building, offers made-to order grill, deli, and pizza station as well as ‘grab’ n go’ selections and premium beverages. The Bonnell Coffee Express, located on the ground level of the Bonnell Building, offers a variety of ‘grab’ n go’ selections, snacks and premium beverages. Café details including contact information and menus are located on the Dining Services link on MyCCP or at

The CBI Cyber Café & Northwest Regional Center features high-end vending options which includes ‘grab’ n go’ selections, premium beverages and microwaveable items.

Vending machines are located throughout all campus buildings.

Lion Card - Your Student ID

A student ID card, also known as the Lion Card, is issued to all new students and is your official college identification. Lion Cards are used for admission to the campus and access to its facilities. Effective January 2017, your Lion Card must be worn visibly at all times while on campus and must be presented and swiped at all building entrances each and every time. You also may be asked for other identification. You must show the ID card if it is requested.  

Abuse of an ID card could result in disciplinary action by the College. If the card is lost or stolen, contact the Department of Public Safety in MG-12 at Main Campus or the main Public Safety desk at each Regional Center for information about replacing it. Each replacement ID card is $10. 

Funds may be loaded onto your Lion Card by the card holder and can be used in Roary's Café, the Bookstore, to purchase tickets for events and activities, and for the discounted parking rate at the Main Campus Garage and discounted copies in Business Services (MG-25). 

Card holders can make cash deposits to their Lion Card using a Value Port; one Value Port is located in the Pavilion Building and one is located at the Northeast Regional Center. Deposits using a credit card can be processed through the cardholder’s Lion Card account which is accessed through the Lion Card link located on MyCCP under the Campus Life tab. More information including FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions can be found on the Lion Card link. Funds can also be loaded using the CBORD GET App available for smartphone users. 

Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Main Campus and the Regional Centers are staffed with Public Safety Specialist, plus stationary and roving patrol officers. Campus Patrol Officers patrol the interior and exterior of the campuses. The roving patrols include the parking lots and other parking areas located on campus. In addition to our roving patrols, we are equipped with state-of-the-art Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras located throughout our campuses. The CCTV cameras are monitored by Public Safety Specialist 24 hours daily.  

The Public Safety Communications Center is located in MG-12. Dial extension 5555 from campus phones for an emergency situation. Otherwise, this facility can be reached at any time by dialing (215) 751-8111.  

All campus accidents and injuries, or any hazardous situations, should be reported at once to the department office (MG-12) or to the nearest Public Safety/Security station. The Public Safety stations are located at each main entrance to the College.   

Public Safety will be summoned quickly in an emergency by dialing extension 5555 from any College telephone. Special red ‘house phones’ are located in hallways throughout campus for internal use.  

Lost or found items should be reported to the Department of Public Safety, MG-12. 

Campus Emergency Communications

The College has a number of mass emergency communication streams to advise, warn and give information in the event of a college emergency. These include: 

  • Text messaging, email blast, voice: Our Send Word Now® system will notify all students of closing, delayed openings or an emergency situation on campus. 
  • On Campus mass communication system: Alertus® communications is a visible box located at strategic areas throughout the campuses. It sends and audio as well as visual message of an emergency to the entire campus or targeted areas.  
  • Classroom Public Announcement (PA): Our VOiP system is featured with the ability to send messages to classroom phones to alert faculty and students of any emergencies on campus. 

Telephone - Primary Number and Cell Number 

The primary and cell phone numbers will be used for all College business, including emergency communications. Updates to these numbers will overwrite any previously supplied information to the College. The Cell Phone 2 will be used ONLY for emergency communications. Please note that in order to receive a text message, at least ONE cell phone number must be filled in. If you do not want to receive text messages to a number, simply do not choose the option receive emergency communications for that number. 

Email - Community College of Philadelphia Email and Other Email 

The Community College of Philadelphia email and other email will be used for all College business, including emergency communications. You will have the ability to enter one additional non-Community College of Philadelphia email which will ONLY be used for emergency communications.  

The information you provide will determine the resources by which you receive urgent notifications. Keep these things in mind:  

  • Provide enough information to reach you instantly regardless of the time of day. If, for example, you usually turn your cell phone off at work, it should not be provided as the only way of reaching you.  
  • Do not enter a phone number more than once. Please provide unique direct-dial numbers and email/text addresses that go directly to you. 

When in doubt, please provide more points of contact rather than less.    

The information you provide will remain private. Send Word Now has signed a confidentiality agreement with the College. They will not use this information for any other purpose except notifications initiated by the College. Also, Send Word Now will never ask for sensitive information, such as credit card information or your Social Security Number, which might be used for identity theft. If you receive an invitation from Send Word Now that does not conform to these guidelines, please do not accept the invitation - report it. 

To update your contact information, please log into MyCCP and within the Student Tab under the Enrollment Services channel, click on Update Contact Information. If you have any questions, please contact 4ITSupport at (215) 496-6000 or for assistance. Please remember to include your Student ID # (also, your J#) in all requests to .   

Please note that your enrollment in this service will be in effect for two consecutive terms after the last date of enrollment.

Information Technology 


As a registered student, a College-issued email account is given to you as part of MyCCP. You may continue to use an alternate email account; however, it is not recommended that you auto forward your MyCCP email to this alternate account. Official College communications are sent via email, and you do not want to miss reading any important information. Communication sent by email is considered to be valid and official, and you will be held accountable for any information, deadline, or requirement contained within the email. Please make it a priority to check your College-issued email regularly. If using email, please leave an alternate email address other than your Community College of Philadelphia email.  

Contact or call (215) 496-6000, with questions or problems with your College email account. Please remember to include your Student ID # (also, your J#) in all requests to .   


MyCCP provides students the ability to interact with the College in numerous ways. While there will be times when you must take care of business in person, many activities including forms submissions, payments, etc., can be accomplished online. You will receive official College correspondence, notices and announcements in MyCCP. In addition, some faculty may use this service to augment in-class discussion and assignments with online resources. Once you have registered for your first semester of classes, be sure to monitor your MyCCP account regularly. 

Information Technology Support

As a student using the College’s computer networks, either for course-related activity or to manage your student records, help is available should you need assistance. Contact Information Technology at (215) 496-6000 (off campus) or extension 6000 (on campus).  

For Student Support, press OPTION #2. Under OPTION #2 press one of the following:  

#1- Log In – Navigating MyCCP Support  
#2 - Student ID Information or to report a problem with your student ID  
#3 - Financial Aid Questions  
#4 - Payment or Billing Related Questions
#5 - Records and Registration Questions
#6 - Admissions Questions 
#7 - Speak to a Student Technical Support Representative 


Wireless Availability 

The Community College of Philadelphia Wireless Network is available to all staff, faculty, students and authorized visitors with laptops or mobile devices capable of wireless connectivity. Those connected to the Community College of Philadelphia Wireless Network will be able to access Internet and email; however; SHARED NETWORK RESOURCES ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE. 

Wi-Fi Hot Spots For All Campus Locations  

Bonnell Building  

  • The Bonnell Ground Floor has Complete Coverage including the Courtyard area

  • The Bonnell 1st floor has Complete Coverage

  • The Bonnell Rotunda Floor has Complete Coverage

  • The Bonnell 2nd floor has Complete Coverage

  • Coverage is 802.11n for the entire building

Pavilion Building

  • Entire building has coverage – 802.11n

Mint Building

  • Main Campus Library

  • 3rd Floor, hallway & Honors classrooms

West Building

  • Entire building has coverage (Floors 1,2,3 & 4) – 802.11n

Winnet Building

  • Entire building has coverage by 802.11n with concentration areas of: The Coffeehouse (S1-22), 1st floor lobby, S1-09, S2-3, The Great Hall (S2-19), 2nd floor Student Lounge (S2-08), Phi Theta Kappa (S1-12), and the Athletics Center Courtyard

Center for Business & Industry (CBI) 

  • Entire building has coverage – 802.11n 

Regional Center

  • Entire campus has coverage – 802.11n

Regional Center

  • Partial coverage 1st Floor, 802.11n

  • Basement vending/lounge area and the 1st Floor Library and SACC

  • Partial coverage 2nd Floor & NWRC 244 and NWRC 216 classrooms

West Philadelphia Regional Center

  • Partial coverage: Registration waiting area, Learning Commons and Student Lounge – All 802.11n 

System Requirements
Any device with Wi-Fi capability. This includes any mobile device. 

Connection Information
The Wi-Fi within the College is a non-broadcasting network. We do this to limit non-college resources from accessing the network. To set your device connection, go to your device’s Network and/or Wi-Fi connection settings location. Manually ‘Add’ a network using the SSID of CCP WLAN with Open Security. The “CCP WLAN” SSID must be entered as shown here. If asked, check Obtain an IP address automatically. 

For additional information, contact the ITS Support Desk at (215) 496-6000. 

Child Development Center 

Child care is available for students at the College’s Child Development Center which is located at 440 N. 16th Street, between Callowhill and Spring Garden Streets. The Center is managed by KinderCare Learning Centers LLC, and serves children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Hours of operation are 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Children bring their lunches. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided. The Center is a ‘peanut free’ environment. Foods containing nuts or nut by-products are not permitted. The Child Development Center offers a program for infants age 6 weeks to 12 months, a toddler program from 13 months to age 2, pre-school for ages 3 to 4 and pre-K for ages 4 to 5. Recognizing that a child’s first educational experiences are very important, all programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of children as they grow. The Child Development Center also provides drop-in care on a space-available basis, requiring copies of a child’s most recent physical. The Center adheres to all state requirements and currently has National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Keystone Stars accreditations. 

For further information regarding registration procedures, fees, fee payment policies, summer programs, required physical and health policies, and visits/tours, call the Center director at (215) 751-8764 or (215) 751-8765 or email .


Lockers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis each fall by the Facilities Management Department, MG-14. Assignments are for both the fall and spring semesters. Lockers are not available during summer sessions. Check bulletin boards for when and where to pick up your locker assignment. Locker problems are handled by the Facilities Management Office, MG-14.  

Credit Union

The Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that has been in business for over 80 years. PSECU serves 22 universities and colleges, where a key goal is to provide financial education programs. 

Financial Education Center  

Located in the Bonnell Building Lobby and Northeast Regional Center, the PSECU Financial Education Center offers students, faculty, and staff a variety of free services. PSECU can help with answering general account questions, opening new accounts, offering financial education seminars, providing meaningful internship experiences for students, resolving account issues, and developing account relationships with students, faculty and staff.  

To get started or for more information, visit the PSECU website, or call (215) 231-9404. 

On-Campus ATM’s

The College has an ATM located in the Bonnell Building, Winnet Student Life Building, and Pavilion Building on Main Campus, and one machine at each Regional Center.  

There is also free nationwide ATM usage with the joint network of credit unions’ in the CO-OP program, a network with over 35,000 ATM’s. Generally, members can use any ATM, anywhere, for free through our ATM surcharge rebate program. All members are rebated up to $8 per month. Members with recurring direct deposit (no minimum required) are rebated up to $20 per month. 

Hours of Operation

Main Campus  
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
Summer Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Northeast Regional Center 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM 
Thursday: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Summer Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM