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Student Device Loaner Program

Community College of Philadelphia (“CCP”) is loaning this device (“Equipment”) in support of the COVID-19 situation.  To be eligible for this loan you must be a current CCP student enrolled in the “current” semester.  To use the Equipment, I agree to abide by the following usage guidelines:

Equipment Loan Period

I can borrow the equipment until the end of the Fall 2020 term, it must be returned by 12/31/2020. If I do not return the Equipment by that time, I will be billed for the cost of replacing the Equipment, up to a maximum of $550.

Liabilities and Responsibilities

I assume all responsibility for the safety and condition of the Equipment borrowed from CCP:

  • I will report any malfunctions and/or damage when it occurs.
  • I am responsible for the costs of repair and/or replacement of the Equipment which result from theft, loss, misuse, or neglect by myself or any other persons. My maximum liability for repair or replacement is five hundred fifty ($550).
  • I also agree to pay any collection costs and/or attorney’s fees if I do not pay amounts owed by me when due.
  • Because the Equipment may fail, I am solely responsible for making backups of any files I create. CCP accepts no responsibility and will not be liable for any losses/damages of any nature due to failure of the Equipment.

Make a Request to Borrow a Laptop


Please alert your instructor that you are in need of borrowing a laptop in order to complete the required coursework. Provide the following information to your instructor: your J#, email address, and mobile phone number. The request to borrow a laptop will be entered by your instructor on your behalf.

Once the College receives the information the student will be notified of the next steps in the process.


  1. Login to MyCCP and Click the Student Device Loaner Request (Faculty) link on the LaunchPad
  2. Select the class the student is attending from the list of classes you are assigned and click Next
  3. Then select the student you are requesting the device for and click Next:
  4. Select the device you would like to student to borrow and click Submit:

Full Documentation Here