All Summer and Fall classes will be held online, and all admissions and student support services are available remotely. Visit the Virtual Student Resource Center to access the assistance that you need.

New Student Orientation

Welcome to Community College of Philadelphia! 

Welcome to Community College of Philadelphia! You are ALMOST ready to start taking those classes! You have already taken a number of critical steps along the path to becoming a college student… just a few more to go.

Beginning classes for many students is a step into the unknown. Will the classes be different from high school? If so, how different? Will the classes here be different than those at the college I attended five (or fifteen!) years ago? What is expected of me that first week?

These and many other questions are why Community College of Philadelphia holds the mandatory New Student On-Campus Orientation sessions. While attendance won't guarantee you an "A" in your classes – it will take some of the mystery out of what to expect.

Your Information

Prior to joining us at an On-Campus New Student Orientation program, you must complete theNew Student Online Orientation (NSOO) Portal. This platform serves as your personal introduction and transition to the College. To access the NSOO Portal, you will need to:

  • Log-in to the MyCCP portal:
  • Click on New Student Online Orientation Portal (located under the “New Student Resources” channel).
  • Please note that you need to review the content in each individual module before moving on to the next module; complete all 9 modules prior to the start of your first semester.
  • Within the NSOO Portal, you will find instructions for how to sign-up to attend a New Student Registration Event (NSRE). During the NSRE, you will learn how to register for classes and actually register for classes for your first term. You will need to attend an NSRE to officially register for classes prior to coming to a New Student On-Campus Orientation session. If there are no NSRE options available prior to your On-Campus Orientation session, please call the Information Center at 215-751-8010.

If you have Orientation questions, contact the Division of Student Development at We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Orientation session!

The New Student Orientation Team