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Student Canvas FAQs

Canvas is the online system available to all College classes. It is used by all online and hybrid classes, and many on-campus classes as well. Students should ask their instructors how they will be using Canvas. You may also view Online Learning, Student Orientation Video.

Q: How do I login to Canvas?

A: You can access Canvas by going to and logging in using your MyCCP username and the password you set. View the instructions for setting your Canvas password.

Q: Why don't I see all of the courses I'm registered for in Canvas?

A: Canvas course sites are not accessible to students until the site is made available or "published," so it is normal to not see all courses listed in Canvas before the course starts. Not all on-campus instructors are using Canvas, and they might use different functions, such as the gradebook, or online assignments. Ask your instructor how they will be using the system.

Q: When can I access my courses?

A: You typically will not have access to your courses in Canvas until the first day of class. You do not need to request access to courses. You are automatically enrolled when you register. It may take one business day before access is available as we update the information five times a day, not instantaneously. If the course has already started and you still don’t see it in Canvas, you should check your enrollment profile in MyCCP. If you do not see the course there, contact the Records and Registration Office at 215-751-8700 and/or Financial Aid Office as soon as possible.

Q: How do I customize my profile and set preferences for the notifications I receive from Canvas?

A: View the instructions for adding a photo and adjusting your notification preferences.

You can link your accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google, LinkedIn, and Delicious to Canvas, and you can choose to receive alerts on your cell phone from Canvas too.

Q: How do I upload files for my Assignments?

A: View the instructions for uploading files.

Q: How do I get help using Canvas?

A: We recommend that students check out the tutorials in Canvas' Video guide and the information in the Canvas Guides. For questions or issues regarding Canvas, please use the help link from within Canvas or contact IT at .