Adopt-a-School Program

Pass on the benefits of education by helping third grade children in Philadelphia learn how to read. In addition to helping others, you will gain valuable communication and organization skills. 


To address reading skill development in Philadelphia elementary school students, support current school district's initiatives, and increase student success through community partnerships and collaboration.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Adopt-A-School Program are:

  • To provide tutorial support to one hundred children primarily in the third grade year and to other selected elementary age children;
  • To improve the skills of those third grade students and other elementary students who receive at least one hundred hours of reading tutoring; and
  • To provide fifty Community College of Philadelphia students with opportunities for work experience, community service, job skills development, and self-sufficiency while they are enrolled in school.


This position will require a student who is dependable and committed to the College's literacy initiatives and to tutoring elementary age children in particular. The student must be capable of working independently and creatively with children. The student will report directly to the classroom teacher and the responsible representative in the Office of Student Life.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Attend tutor orientation and scheduled training sessions each semester;
  • Plan tutoring session(s) with the assistance of the classroom teacher;
  • Read with/to one-four children each session;
  • Encourage imaginative thought and creative language when reading with the children;
  • Sign in and out of the school and maintain a weekly tutor log; and
  • Be on time for all sessions/appointments and act professional at all times.

Time Commitment

The position requires 2-10 hours per week of service, dependent upon the student's schedule and availability.

Application Requirements


  • Minimum of a 2.75 cumulative grade point average and at least 15 credit hours complete;
  • Currently enrolled students (and remain enrolled throughout service as a tutor); and
  • Possess either knowledge, skill, or a high level of interest in working with elementary school-aged children.

Selection Process

Applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Academic Requirements;
  2. Personal Statement (including availability);
  3. Letter of Interest;
  4. Verification of Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check and Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Application Period

Applications will be accepted through October 30 for the Fall Semester and through February 15 of the Spring Semester.