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Basic Needs and Public Benefits Screening

Using our advanced technology, we can help you identify additional financial resources to secure your basic needs. From food, health insurance, utility and cash assistance, to textbooks, transportation, childcare, and other subsidies, staff can help you identify and apply for benefits and emergency funds without leaving campus. To expedite the process in pursuing these resources, interested students should bring the following documents to the meeting:

  • State ID and social security number
  • College Enrollment Profile (available on MyCCP)
  • Previous month's proof of income (pay stubs or letter of hire) - if applicable 
  • Green card if you are a permanent resident
  • Lease or rental agreement - if applicable
  • Bank statement (balance only) - if applicable
  • Public benefits record number - if applicable

SCREEN FOR BENEFITS NOW - Use Single Stop’s online self-screening tool (below) to identify the benefits and extra financial resources that could potentially help you pay for living and school expenses:

Tax Preparation and Filing

From January through April, Single Stop brings tax preparers on-campus to help you maximize and file your tax returns. This service is offered to students currently taking classes and earning under $55,000 dollars per year.

Please bring the following documents to your meeting:

  • Student and State ID
  • Social Security card (for you, your spouse and dependents)
  • Birth dates for spouse and dependents
  • Wage and earning statements, such as W-2 or 1099 forms
  • For Uber and Lyft drivers, please bring printed statements including mileage and all itemized deductible expenses (must be previously added and printed)
  • Health insurance forms 1095 A, B or C
  • If you were a student on the year you want to file, bring the form 1098-T (available on MyCCP: login and click on the "Student" tab, click "Financial Services," then select "Tax Notification" and the year). NOTE: college students who did not work during the filing year could potentially be eligible to obtain up to $1,000 through the American Opportunity Tax Credit!
  • For direct deposit, bring your bank account and routing number
  • If you have investments or get dividends: bring form 1099-Misc
  • If you receive social security: bring 1099-SS
  • If you have children and pay for childcare: bring daycare payment total amount, and their tax identifying or Social Security Number

Health Care Enrollment Assistance

Single Stop staff helps you review different healthcare options including Medicaid (yearlong), and plans offered through the Marketplace, during open enrollment (November through December 15). Assistance to apply, renew, and enroll is available at the Main Campus and Regional Centers. You can make an appointment or visit the office. Based on availability, staff could see you as a walk-in. Please bring to your meeting the following documents:

  • State ID and social security number
  • Annual or monthly gross income amount for the household
  • Green card if you are a permanent resident
  • Health Insurance policy number and company name if you are currently insured

 To learn more about health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), click here

Legal Aid

Attorneys and advocates offer free legal consultations in the following issues:

  • Public Benefits - Assistance for issues with food stamps, cash, and medical assistance, subsidized childcare and benefits issues for immigrants.
  • Employment - Assistance with unpaid wages and record expungement.
  • Housing - Assistance with unfair evictions, illegal lockouts, repairs, and housing problems related to domestic violence.
  • Utilities - Assistance with shut-offs and billing/service issues.
  • Consumer - Assistance with fraud, bankruptcy, and debt collection/harassment

Immigration Consultations

Pro-bono attorneys provide assistance with immigration law inquiries, D.A.C.A., sponsorship, status adjustments, naturalization, and citizenship process on the following dates (2 to 5 p.m) in 2019:

  • September 18
  • October 16
  • November 13
  • December 11

Financial Fitness

With the guidance of a certified financial coach, get financially fit by understanding how to best make informed decisions about banking, credit, debt management, student loans, and much more!

Interested in getting Smart About Money? Register for free and take as many courses as you want to learn about:

Access the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau financial educational tools here

40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know available here

Resources and Referrals

After completing the screening process, Single Stop staff will assess your results and connect you with on-campus and external resources to help you stay on your path to success! 

Have questions? Connect with Single Stop Staff Using the Self-Screening Tool

Do you want to know what benefits and resources you may be eligible for? Complete and submit your profile using our online self-screening tool. Click on one of the following links based on the Campus that you take most classes at:

Single Stop staff will reach out once you submit your profile, to review your results and determine the assistance you could get AT NO COST!