English Degree / Certificate Programs

A.A. Communication Studies

Our Communication Studies program will teach you how to communicate effectively with individuals and groups using a variety of methods and approaches. You will learn written, oral and public speaking communication skills; study conflict resolution and dialogue promotion; investigate the communication methods of diverse cultures; develop project organization and completion techniques; and solve communication issues associated with various forms of media. The Communication Studies program leads to the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree. The program gives students a concentration in the field of communication studies with a liberal arts foundation. The program is primarily intended for students seeking transfer to a four-year institution, although some graduates may plan on immediately entering the work force as communications professionals.

A.A. English

Employers will always need people who can tell a story and whose gifts can be applied well beyond the classroom. In the English degree, you will read inspiring literature and explore the connection between reading, writing, and thinking as you prepare to transfer and pursue a bachelor’s degree in English. Courses in British, American and World Literature are combined with electives in foreign languages, philosophy and religion, as well as classes in poetry, fiction, scriptwriting, and memoir which enable you to earn a Creative Writing academic certificate while completing your associate’s degree.

A.A. Mass Media

Learn how to prepare and utilize multimedia content for various purposes. Discuss and analyze how society interacts with mass media; study the form, history, and issues related to mass media; learn how to write for and design newspapers, magazines, websites, and broadcast media; discover how the Internet links radio, video, and text; develop academic research and public speaking skills; and create effective, engaging multimedia presentations. While progressing through the program, you will work on small group projects, manage and resolve conflicts in groups and teams, and explain legal-ethical issues both of communication and of creating and distributing information through mass media. This program is primarily designed for students seeking transfer to four-year institutions to study Mass Media, Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, and Communication. The skills learned here could also be used to gain entry-level positions as creators and distributors of mass media content in smaller media organizations.

A.A. Theater

Our Theater program helps you discover and express your creativity while enhancing your teamwork and leadership skills. You will learn how to perform scenes and monologues; create characters; improvise during performances; understand and demonstrate basic principles, techniques, and styles of body movement and dance; read and write about significant dramatic literature; design costumes; build, design, paint, and light stage scenery; operate stage lighting; serve as a stage manager; and rehearse and present a play. As a Theater student, you will also develop skills beneficial to your educational and professional careers, such as public speaking, verbal and written communication, project management, and teamwork.

Creative Writing Academic (Proficiency Certificate)

In completing the Creative Writing academic certificate, students take literature and creative writing courses; have opportunities to interact with visiting writers; and attend readings, workshops, festivals, and other special events. Throughout this program, you will learn techniques necessary for the mastery of the craft of creative writing, improve your creative writing skills through feedback and continued revision, and gain insight into local and national resources for writers and the publication process. Our program culminates in a capstone course, Portfolio Development, which is designed to help you prepare to apply to four-year writing programs and develop manuscripts for publication.