All Spring 2021 classes will be held online, and all admissions and student support services are available remotely. Visit the Virtual Student Resource Center to access the assistance you need.

How to Check your Schedule

There are two ways to check your schedule:

  1. On the Student tab in MyCCP, click on the Enrollment Profile link under Enrollment Services. 

The difference between the classes is in the “Day/Time/Location” column. In the example below, the first class listed is a fully online class as it does not list days or times to meet. The second class is a synchronous class as it has days and times to be online. 

Enrollment Profile link schedule

2. A second way to check your roster is to return to your Banner registration system (Under Student Quick Links on the Home tab in MyCCP, then click the Search for Courses/Register). After selecting the current semester, your schedule and summary should appear and show the classes for which you registered. 

You will need to select the “Schedule Details” tab. The “Schedule” tab (the default) will not show asynchronous/fully online classes. (You may think you’re not registered for classes!) The synchronous class (the first one listed in this example) lists days and times to be online. The fully online class does not. 

Banner registration system check your schedule