COVID-19 Campus Update

The College is currently closed, and remote instruction and work continue while Philadelphia remains under a stay-at-home order. All courses for the Summer I and II terms will be held online while student services and support are available remotely. Visit the College’s Virtual Student Resource Center to access the assistance that you need. Adequate notice will be shared with students, staff and faculty once a re-opening date is established. 


I had always tried to figure out which college to go to. Originally, I was going to go straight to Temple or Drexel, but then I started to hear about community colleges and I realized it was probably a better plan than going directly to a 4-year university.

My major here at the College is Business Administration. All of the ‘fun’ activities I thought were just for ‘fun’ as a kid were actually business-related so I decided that would be the best career to get into.

I graduate in May and I am trying to keep my options open. Temple is actually my main goal. I plan to stick with Business Administration if I go there, and eventually get an MBA. One day I plan to open up a multimedia business!