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I’ve lived in Philadelphia the past three and a half years—originally from South Jersey. I initially applied to Temple and they denied me and suggested I try Community College of Philadelphia. I am glad that they did! I’ve saved a bunch of money and have been given tremendous opportunities. For instance, I was part of the Bucknell [Scholars] Program this past summer. I never thought I could accomplish something like that. I’m a Psych major right now and I recently honed in on pursuing my master’s in social work or public policy. I really want to advocate for marginalized groups of people and people battling with mental illness; I want advocate for mental health, and for people who don’t necessarily have a voice. 

I’m currently working with the LGBTQ Center to revitalize it, and I’ll be filling the role as president of the LBGT Club—I’m really excited about it! My goal with the club is to create a safe and inclusive space for LGBT+ students. I just recently went through the process of changing my name through CCP. My role with the club is to share resources like that with students, and get familiar with the policies at the College to spread knowledge about help students in need.