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As an older student, and having a family, and paying for lots of different tuitions, it’s nice to have a school that isn’t a four year college tuition. And also I didn’t really want the time commitment of a longer duration to already having an undergrad. So that’s what really brought me to Community College [of Philadelphia]. My [dental] hygienist actually graduated from this program maybe 12 years ago so she brought this to my attention and said it was a really good program!

I was pretty shocked going into the program. I certainly did not have a huge understanding of what I was getting into. But as I get more and more into it, it’s more interesting, and it’s definitely really challenging. It’s not a program for someone who doesn’t want to work super, super, super hard. I would say, it’s a lot more challenging than my undergrad! And it’s challenging in a lot of different ways. A lot of time management, a lot of maturity. You have to have social grace.