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I’m originally from Peru, but I decided to come here just to have a new experience.

What I really like about here is that I also have the experience being with different kinds of people—not just people from America, but from different kinds of backgrounds. I think that was one of the most attractive features of the city overall. People are always friendly, and I really learned to like it a lot.

When I first came here [United States], I decided to go here for Dental Hygiene because my main goal is to try to be a dentist. But when I was trying to do the application, they told me that I was required to have at least a couple years of experience in the field. Then I learned about the Community College and that Hygiene was just a two year thing I could do, and they offer an optional training program afterwards that would allow me to start working somewhere. That is the shortest goal I have. After I graduate, I want to start working. And after that, start the process of applications for Dental School!