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I came here in 1974. And we were down on 11th Street in the Snellenburg Building. I call it the building without windows or walls. In those days, they called it journalism. So, I was a journalism major—so I got all my public speaking courses, all those great courses. And unfortunately I could not get a full degree here in journalism, so I transferred over to Temple University.

Now, I’ve been here [working at the College] 15 years and got some great relationships not only with students, but I’ve developed relationships with faculty and other administrators. What brought me here, one, is my desire to be in higher ed and teach, and number two, I have to say, Lynette [Brown-Sow] because she said, ‘go to the website and apply.’ In higher ed it’s not so much about who you know, but what you can bring to the table. And I had that.