Transgender Success Program

About The Program

The Transgender Success Program (TSP) launched in Fall 2021 as a resource for transgender students. Statistically, transgender students face more challenges and barriers to obtaining higher education degrees than their cisgender counterparts. As the most affordable option available to Philadelphians, the Community College of Philadelphia saw an opportunity to not only help trans students thrive, but also become known as a great place for transgender people to get an education. 

In partnership with several offices on campus and organizations off campus, the MarcDavid LGBTQ center developed programming and services focused on student success. We are working with staff from all over the college to ensure support services for students are trans competent and ensuring that the specific needs of trans students are being met in an environment where they feel safe and respected. As well as creating programs where students can learn about these resources, learn something about themselves or their community, and receive social support from their peers going through similar experiences.

How to get Involved

Join the MarcDavid LGBTQ Center organization page on Pride Portal and subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media. Look out for events with the TSP Logo and make sure to RSVP!

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Transgender Success Cohort

Beginning in Fall 2022, we will be starting a pilot program where 5 students will receive a stipend in exchange for attending all TSP programs, as well as completing mentorship training, and dedicated hours in the Learning Lab.  More information about the Transgender Success Cohort coming soon!