College Planning

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Welcome to College Planning, where you'll find a wealth of information about the College's various strategic and academic plans, reports and goals.

Strategic Planning

View the College's current and previous Strategic Plans, including the current planning process and related documents.

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Academic and Student Success Master Plan

View the process used by Academic and Student Success to create the current Academic and Student Success Master Plan, as well as previous plans and updates.

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Achieving the Dream

This nationwide initiative focuses on student achievement. View the assessment plan, student outcomes, and detailed fact sheets that pertain to this initiative.

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College Facts and Stats

A snapshot of institutional operating characteristics in the areas of enrollment trends, student demographics, and student academic performance and persistence patterns.

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Diversity Plan

The Diversity Plan is an important part of the College's commitment to a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment.

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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

The Plan was proposed and written to address the diverse needs of the community we serve, including its members with a disability.

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Enrollment Management Plan

View the strategies used for recruitment and retention, as well as the current Enrollment management Plan, previous plans and updates.

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Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan outlines current and past facility initiatives. View the Facilities Master Plan.

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Integrated Marketing Plans

The current Strategic Marketing Plan details the initiative to increase the College's brand equity and visibility. View the plan, plus previous marketing scans and surveys.

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Technology Plan

The Technology Plan recommends College-wide guidelines to implement computer-based technology. View the current and previous plans.

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