Photography Request Form

The top priority for the College photographer is to take photographs for the College’s marketing and public/media relations communications. This includes images for advertising, brochures and other publications, the College’s websites and images to accompany media stories. Photographs for other purposes are shot at the discretion of the Division of Marketing and Government Relations and decisions are based on the photographer’s availability and workload, the intended use of the images and other criteria. When completing the request form, please be very clear about what it is that you need images of at an event, for example, a group shot of a panel of presenters, and arrange for that to be done at the beginning or end of the event. The maximum amount of time the photographer can be at an event is one hour.

Please fill out form completely. If you have any questions about filling out this form, or would like to discuss your photo needs, please contact Elizabeth Field, College Photographer at ext. 8822 or

What is the intended use of the photographs being taken?
Date and Time for Photographs
Event Information:
Note: The photographer is limited to 1 hour of time unless authorized by the Director of Creative Services. Please submit the request and follow up with the Director of Creative services if you require the photographer for over 1 hour.
Contact Information On Event Date:
Please provide a way to contact the event host the day of the event. Office Phone, Cell Phone, or Email
Please only add a date if you have a hard deadline that the photos are needed.
  • The client is responsible for all overtime costs associated with a project.
  • The client is responsible to make appointments with people to be photographed.
  • Requests for images should be made at least 10 working days prior to the date the images are needed. If any special needs or turnaround time are required they should be discussed and approved before any action will be taken.