About Marketing and Communications

Our Offices

The Division of Marketing and Communications oversees all aspects of the division: marketing, communications, media and public relations, community relations, crisis communications and College-wide events; responsible for all government relations campaigns and activities

Team Contacts:

Shannon McLaughlin Rooney

Vice President for Marketing and Communications

(e) srooney@ccp.edu
(p) x8205

Special Events and Community Relations

Plans all official College events; handles most non-instructional facilities usage requests and aids outside organizations in planning events at the College; responsible for community relations and for the annual United Way campaign.

Team Contact:

Erica Harrison

Special Events and Community Relations Coordinator

(e) eharrison@ccp.edu
(p) x8941


Responsible for the development and implementation of the College’s strategic plans in relation to marketing; developing messaging for market segments and identifying collateral needed; advertising; working with internal colleagues on marketing planning; writing of College online and print publications, and website; speech writing; social media.

Team Contact:

Kris Henk

Director of Marketing

(e) khenk@ccp.edu
(p) x8449

Nikki Sarpolis

Marketing Coordinator/ Writer

(e) nsarpolis@ccp.edu
(p) x6206

Camille Bell

eMarketing Coordinator

(e) cbell@ccp.edu
(p) x6379

Qurana Moody

Marketing Specialist

(e) qmmoody@ccp.edu
(p) x8518

Jessica Scicchitano

Editorial and Administrative Assistant for Marketing and Creative Services

(e) jscicchitano@ccp.edu
(p) x8040

Creative Services

Responsible for the design and development of the College’s website, and online and print publications; College photography; design and production of advertising materials, managing print process both internally and externally; works with internal colleagues to assess publications needs; production schedules for all projects.

Team Contacts:

Eve Markman

Director of Creative Services

(e) emarkman@ccp.edu
(p) x8043

Jason Stein

Website Manager and Information Architect

(e) jstein@ccp.edu
(p) x8464

John Smith

Web Designer

(e) a2jdsmith@ccp.edu
(p) x8807

Gil González

Graphic Designer

(e) ggonzalez@ccp.edu
(p) x8044

Angela Miles

Graphic Designer

(e) amiles@ccp.edu
(p) x8951

Elizabeth Field


(e) efield@ccp.edu
(p) x88822

Communications (Media and Public Relations)

Handles press and media communications and relations, coordinating media outreach with members of the College family; pitches stories to media, responds to media inquiries and secures media interviews; writes news releases; articles for College publications; attends College events to gather information for stories; manages press conferences; supports VP on internal communications, crisis communications and government relations.

Team Contacts:

Linda Wallace

Director of Communications

(e) liswallace@ccp.edu
(p) x8082