I’m originally from Vancouver, BC—Canada. I moved to Philadelphia two years ago to be with my husband because he’s from PA. I used to work in higher ed before I moved here and even though I wanted to be a teacher way back in the day, I ended up in marketing. As soon as I interviewed here, I fell in love with the people. At the College, it feels like everyone is about the people. It wasn't until I started working here that I realized the sheer magnitude of the institution and its influence in the city. 

What drives me every single day is our student population—our students are incredible! I have the chance to serve on the Student Ambassador Interview Panel and every time I leave those interviews I think, “How do they do it?” I think about my personal experience. My parents said, “Go to school. That’s all you need to do.” Our students have crazy situations and you think, this can’t possibly be real. Some have difficult family situations, others have kids, some have battled cancer while attending school —it really puts life into perspective. They’re what drives us. 

Editor’s Note: Sajeda currently serves as the College’s Coordinator for Student Life Marketing & Engagement