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1:00 PM to 2:15 PM

Policing Our Streets and Building Trust Within Our Communities

Registration is required before the event date:

Police violence has touched our community, specifically our students, faculty and staff. Whether they have suffered directly or vicariously by watching the news and or living in high-crime neighborhoods, it is important that we as a college recognize the struggles they may face outside of our doors. We invite you to join us in a panel discussion with top officials from the Philadelphia Police Department and a victim advocate to discuss the issues that the police and the community face today, and ways to overcome them and begin to foster trust and relationships within the community. We will explore and define police brutality, how we as a community can come together to combat this problem and how the community can report corrupt police officers to get them off the streets. This session will allow you to have a seat at the table to begin the critical conversations with our local police departments.  

Moderator: Judy Cruz-Ransom, diversity fellow and visiting lecturer, Criminal Justice