Free Tax Preparation!

Free tax preparation with Single Stop

Did you know that students who do not work can get up to $1,000 in tax credits? And it is even more for those who do, including Work–Study students.

Take advantage of the many services that Single Stop offers students, including free tax filing. Save time and money, and get experts to help you maximize your tax refund:
  • Certified tax preparers will contact you to review your taxes for free and find you the most deductions for the highest possible tax returns, if you qualify
  • Tax information is key to complete your FAFSA—the sooner you file, the better it is for you
Make your appointment with Single Stop today! Call us at 215.516.3710 or send an email to to request an appointment.
What to bring to your tax preparation appointment:
  • Complete required documents provided by Single Stop prior to your appointment
  • Student and state ID
  • Social Security cards for you, your spouse and dependents
  • Birthdates for spouse and dependents
  • Wage and earning statement, such as W-2, W2-G, and 1099-R for Uber and Lyft drivers
  • Interest and dividend statements from financial institutions (form 1099-Misc)
  • Printed, itemized deductible expenses (must be previously added)
  • Health insurance coverage, bring form 1095-A, B or C
  • For the education credit, bring form 1098-T, available on MyCCP: log in and click on the student tab, click on Financial Services, select Tax Notification and the year
  • For direct deposit, have bank account and routing information available
  • Day care payment information (total amount paid to provider, their tax ID or Social Security number)
Note: Service is out of scope for earned incomes above $72,000 per year, day traders and business owners. Digital assets and digital currency are out of scope.

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