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Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes – October 1, 2014

  • Middle States Update
    • Two new MS Assessment teams in place leading the strategies to meet Middles States compliance
      • Implementation team identified to develop assessment repository
        • Consultant Deborah Kell and Laura Temple supporting new assessment design and workflow
      • Curriculum Facilitation Team
    • Preview developing Program Assessment website
      • Organizational strategy
  • Data Standards Update
    • Expanded focus Data and Reporting Standards
      • Organization of individuals across the institution using Banner data for reporting purposes
        • IRW (Institutional Report Writers group)
        • Preview developing website
        • Objectives
          • Encourage problem solving within the IRW community
          • Establish a library of Certified Reports
            • Recommend that new institutional level reports be certified by IRW
          • Develop a data dictionary
            • Concurrently, where possible, develop scripts for access data as defined in the data dictionary
          • Identify incorrect ERP data
            • Recommend policy to resolve and correct data errors
  • Updated Fact Book
  • Updated Effectiveness Report